MINZY – LOVELY: Kpop Music Review

Gong Min-Ji, popularly known as Minzy, is a South Korean singer and rapper. She was born on January 18th, 1994. Minzy initially debuted in 2009 as part YG Entertainment’s girl group – 2NE1. In 2016, she left the group. She then launched her solo career in 2017 with the EP – Minzy Work 01: Uno. At that time, she was managed by Music Works, but due to some internal conflicts, she left the company on April 17th, 2020. This new digital single “LOVELY” is her first release as an independent artist.


(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • I love the teaser images she dropped, so I have high hopes for this song.
  • Her voice is as beautiful as expected, but I hear some growth compared to her 2NE1 days.
  • I love that the song starts right away with a melodious guitar.
  • I wish I had captions, but I can search up the translation later.
  • The melody is lovely, and I’m enjoying her deep soulful tone.
  • Her outfits and the visuals for the music video are gorgeous.
  • The background vocals on this track are soothing.
  • I feel they dimmed the light on this video because I have my brightness all the up, and it’s still a bit dark for me.
  • I guess that’s the mood they were going for, but I wish the colours were more exposed than this.
  • The instrumental is quite simple, with the main focus on just the guitars.
  • The vocal layering is done so well, and Minzy’s voice truly shines on this track.
  • Her outfits are so elegant in this video. She is stunning.
  • I noticed that no matter how this song progressed, they still kept a standard pace throughout.
  • The only major change starts from the bridge section when they introduce some drumbeats.
  • I love the soft adlibs and runs that Minzy does at the end. Especially that consistent – “you, you, you, you ooo.”
  • The chorus is catchy, so I could see myself listening to this track once in a while.
  • Hence my rating for “LOVELY” by MINZY is 9/10.
  • I can’t wait to hear more songs from her and witness her continuous growth as a solo artist. She definitely has all the potential.

To hear more of Minzy’s voice, check out her EP – MINZY WORK 01: UNO. My favourite songs on the EP are – “Beautiful Lie” “ING” and – “Superwoman”

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