Victoria Song – VICTORIA: Album Review

Classes are back in session, so I have been a bit tight on time, but let’s see what I can get done before going to bed.

Finally, Victoria Song’s 1st solo album is available on international platforms, so I am here to give my review. I already reacted to the title track. That post is available with this link 👉🏼 Victoria Song – Up To Me: Music Review

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)


Here is the album on Spotify –

Since most of the songs are written in Chinese, I’m going to list them by track numbers when reviewing.

Album Review:

  • #1 – “Good Stuff” seems to be entirely in English. I love the consistent claps on the instrumental. The beat progression is nice. This song started with one continuous drum beat, and then more variations were added in after each verse break. The melody for the pre-chorus is quite catchy. I am living for the heavy piano used in that section. “Good Stuff” is definitely a groovy track, and I’m enjoying Victoria’s voice on this. I knew I was going to love this song once I heard it on the album highlight. I am vibing to this more than the title track. The synthesized electronic sound for the main chorus is also perfect. I love the short silence that comes right before she sings each verse. She sounds sexy on this track, and I love that I can understand her. Victoria completely nailed the soft vocal runs at the end. “Good Stuff” is, for sure, going on my playlist.
  • #2 – “Up To Me” is the title track. This marks my third listening to it after my initial review, and my thoughts remain the same. It’s a great song but not my cup of tea.
  • #3 – This song’s title translates to “Nostalgia” I love the soft keyboard entry. If you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll know that I adore ballads, hence this track is right up my alley. Victoria’s voice is lovely. The Chinese language makes her sound elegant and soothing. I love how the song progressed smoothly with the inclusion of classical stringed instruments. The background vocals on this track are heavenly, and the way her voice ascended slightly as she entered the chorus is beautiful. I love how they used the drums to modulate the pace of the song from the second chorus. Then we got a perfect soft closing with the keyboard. The music video for “Nostalgia” will be released later today.
  • #4 – “I Miss You” also caught my attention when I listened to the album highlight. So let’s see how it goes. Another piano entry. I am falling in love with Victoria’s soft tone. While in f(x), I never got to appreciate her vocals properly, so it’s nice that I can pay more attention now. There is some rapping in this, and I like the pace. I also appreciate the drums on this track. “I Miss You” is a chill track. Both Victoria and the featured artist compliment each other really well. It’s a nice song, but I am currently  50/50 on it.
  • #5 – “Perfect Liar” started out quite slow but then came in with a full beat after 0.24 seconds. I like the instrumental. Victoria does an excellent job of moving between different vocal ranges on this track. She starts out with her full voice and then goes to a higher tone before including some falsetto notes. This is another good song on the album, and I’m sure that most people would enjoy it. However, I am also 50/50 on “Perfect Liar”
  • #6 – I love the instrumental for “Blame On You” because it’s really bouncy. This song is also entirely in English. I love the light vocal layering. I am intrigued by how Victoria’s background vocals sound very airy on this track compared to the rest. I am definitely grooving to this more than the previous two songs. “Blame On You” is a nice club song if you want to fist pump the entire time.
  • #7 – I was really looking forward to this song after hearing the preview, so I hope it comes through. A lyric video translated the title to “Capacity to Dominate” Right off the bat, I love the finger snaps and the drumbeat for this track. Oooh, the beat just got denser and groovier. Is this going to be my third favourite song on the album??? The sound immediately called for my attention. I love the build-up into the chorus, and we are getting a nice electronic beat drop during that section. I love that Victoria is slightly rap-singing some parts of this song. This is an awesome track, but It doesn’t beat “Good Stuff” or “Nostalgia” for me.
  • #8 – The translated title I found for this song is “Diagonal Line” Do I hear an electronic guitar? The beat goes hard on this track. I hear EDM with some rock influences. The bass on this is epic. I bet some dancers could vogue to this song. Wow, the beat suddenly switched up towards the last minute and then came right back to the normal pace. I would love to see Victoria do a dance video for this track. If I heard this song at a party, I would definitely get into dance mode and enjoy myself to the fullest. However, it’s not something I would play regularly. Maybe I just need some visual stimulation???
  • #9 – Another track that caught my attention on the highlight medley. Fingers crossed🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼, please don’t disappoint. It seems she’s slowing things back down with “Broken Wings” I love the soft piano start, and this is another English song. Victoria sounds incredible on this track, and the background vocals are speaking to me. I love the instrumental progression. This is a soothing track, and I am enjoying it. Alright, the second verse brought in some drums. The drums dropped out again during the chorus, and I just love the melody. Okay, “Broken Wings”… I see you.
  • #10 – Alright, this is the last song and something I absolutely love. “Roof On Fire” is an older song from Victoria Song and a full-on BOP. I’m just going to enjoy myself with this track. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

Final Thoughts: 

This album gives me mixed feelings. I am confused because I want to like it, but I also want to provide my real review. I can’t say I am heavily impressed because most of the songs did not convince me 100%. I noticed that I had to give some tracks a few more listens before I could appreciate their sound. I don’t mind that, but the fact is that out of the ten tracks, I somewhat liked six, and my favourites are only four. Hence why VICTORIA lacked the wow factor, I was anticipating.

All the same, I can hear the growth in Victoria Song’s voice, and since this is her 1st album, she has tremendous space to create even better music in the future. I will be waiting for her to give me a masterpiece. Now make no mistake about my review because this record does contain good tracks, but unfortunately, they don’t suit my taste.

Therefore, my rating for Victoria Song’s 1st Solo album – VICTORIA is 7.5/10.

My Favourite songs are –

  1. Good Stuff
  2. Roof On Fire
  3. Nostalgia
  4. Broken Wings

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