The Beauty Inside: Korean Drama Review

I recently did a rewatch of this drama, so I’m here to give you all a brief review. This is going to be in point form of what I enjoyed, what I felt was a letdown and my favourite scenes.

The Beauty Inside is a 2018 South Korean TV drama remake of the original 2015 movie version. This series starred Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki as leads. 9e3214df-f034-47f0-82f3-939a23649633-2086-0000013e418837e2_originalSynopsis: Han Se Gye is a top actress with many rumours around her. To others, her life is a mystery, but in reality, her physical appearance completely changes for one week every month. Se Gye encounters Seo Do Jae, a top executive at an airline company. He seems to have it all, but he also has a secret. Do Jae suffers from Prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces) but he manages to hide this from the world. Seo Do Jae’s life begins to change when he encounters Han Se Gye. She is the only person he can always recognize, but with Han Se Gye’s steady disappearance and random physical changes, how long can she keep her own secret?

Expectations: I had already seen this drama, so I was simply watching it again to pass time and also because I missed Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin’s onscreen chemistry.

(warning – spoilers ahead)


Here are the aspects of the show that I truly enjoyed –

  • First of all, I just want to put it out right now that Lee Min Ki’s light brown eyes are so gorgeous. Whenever the light hit his pupil, it was pure bliss for me. I don’t care what anyone says, he is handsome.😍😍😍
  • The cinematography for this drama is beautiful. Every scene was colourful and captivating. Kudos to the production team for that.
  • The storyline was handled properly, there are a few things I still question, but I’ll discuss them later. That aside, the character development for each character in the drama was perfect. The pacing was also great, I didn’t feel like the story was dragging.
  • The chemistry between Han Se Gye and Seo Do Jae was incredible. They were magnetic and adorable together. They had a lot of cheesy scenes, but I genuinely enjoyed every moment they shared on screen. Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin did a great job of making their time as a couple very believable.
  • Overall every actor in this drama gave their best performance. Most notably, the actors that had to be Han Se Gye whenever her appearance changed. They all did a fantastic job of keeping true to Se Gye’s personality, no matter the gender or age. My favourite cameos for the changes were Moon Woo Jin in episodes 8 & 9, Kim Min Seok in episodes 5 & 6, and Ra Mi Ran in episode 10.
  • I also felt touched by all the emotional scenes in this series. I cried and smiled a lot.
  • This series is among the group of rare Kdramas where the parents, family members and friends of the lead characters are all nice and supportive. It was a breath of fresh air to watch.
  • I also admired that the female characters for this show were strong and well-developed. They could hold their own and weren’t whiny or always waiting on a man to save them.
  • The fashion for the main characters was always on point. Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Da Hee’s wardrobes were outstanding. Both ladies were giving me life with every outfit.
  • I love that they didn’t include any second female or male lead to disrupt the main ship. I was grateful that I didn’t have to deal with unnecessary love triangles because they stress me out big time. That’s why I prefer dramas with two standard couples.
  • I am happy about this drama’s central message. We should all love ourselves and all our imperfections because there’s is a reason for every single person’s existence.
  • The original soundtracks for this series are all beautiful. My top favourites are “Beautiful Moment” by K.Will and “LUV Etude No.1” the version by 2morro.
  • I previously showcased “Beautiful Moment” as my song for the week. You can watch the music video and read my thoughts with this link 👉🏼 K.Will – Beautiful Moment: Song Of The Week
  • Here is the music video for “LUV Etude No.1” – This song is soothing, and I always get emotional listening to it.

The Letdowns –

  • Personally, I feel they could have omitted the one-year separation plot device. I get that Se Gye felt guilty for causing Seo Do Jae’s accident, but her reaction could have been handled a bit differently. I don’t appreciate that they took the cliche route of breaking up and getting back together later.
  • Another aspect that wasn’t adequately addressed was the reason behind Se Gye’s constant physical changes. By the end of the drama, they pointed out that the number of times she changes has reduced. Hence I was expecting them to dive deeper and give the viewers more explanation behind her condition or why it was suddenly decreasing.
  • Another cliche aspect is the Prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces). This condition was overused in dramas that particular year, but I don’t care much since it did not affect my watching experience.

My Favourite Scenes –

  • The Highest Point in The Sky:

This was a very touching scene. It was such a sweet gesture from Seo Do Jae, and I also shed tears when they showed the sky. Plus, the soundtrack sounded so beautiful during that moment. It might be a cheesy scene for most people, but it was truly comforting. 

  • Neglected Seo Do Jae joins the hug:

This was one of the cutest scenes for me. The way he cozily snuck in for that back hug was too adorable for words. Like I mentioned already, their chemistry was beautiful to watch.

  • Comforting Friends

I appreciate how supportive her friends were throughout this series. This funeral scene really broke my heart, but I’m glad that Se Gye had Woo Mi and Eun Ho comforting her during such tough times. Their friendship is also one of my delights in the drama.

  • Dramatic Drunks Vs. Traumatized Drunks

This was the most hilarious scene. It was interesting to see both couples act like they hadn’t seen each other for years versus the others in the room who were absolutely disgusted by their public display of affection.🤣🤣🤣

Overall The Beauty Inside was a very captivating drama from start to finish. I wouldn’t mind rewatching it again and again, so my rating is 9/10. To get a better understanding of how I rate each movie or drama, click 👉🏼 Drama|Movie Rating Guide

This drama is available with English Subs using this link 👉🏼 The Beauty Inside on Viki

If you’ve already seen The Beauty Inside, what are your thoughts?


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