Drama|Movie Rating Guide

I always give a rating for each drama or movie I review, so I decided to write down my rating guide for you all to better understand my reasons behind each score I assign. Now, of course, the reasons for each rating might overlap sometimes, so it is up to me to decide based on how I feel. Still, I will leave a link to this post under all my current and upcoming drama/movie reviews as a reference for everyone.

1 – 4.5:

I highly doubt that any drama review with such a rating will be posted on this blog, but just in case I feel the need to share my disappointment, then you all might get one. This rating means that I did not complete the drama/movie because of how bad it was from the start. Definitely, something was missing, and the storyline must have been all over the place. There was no hope, so I had to pack my bags and move on. It also means that I will not be watching it again unless someone forces me to and with valid reasons too.

5 – 6.5: 

For a drama/movie to get this rating, it means that at some point, it became very unbearable to watch, but I still completed it. The acting and storyline were not the best, therefore a lot of skipping occurred. Of course, I will always give more detailed reasons for why I did not enjoy it much in my review. Also, I will not be rewatching the drama.

7 – 8.5: 

This rating means that the drama/movie was nothing new plotwise but still okay. The acting was good. The execution of the story was standard, but there were a few misses that caused it to lose points. Meaning that with each element that I felt was not right or unnecessary, I deducted a point. I will always give a detailed explanation of the misses in my review. Also, I can see myself watching the series or film again.

9 – 9.5:

When I assign such a rating, it means that everything about the drama/movie was perfect. The crew did a fantastic job, the storyline was fresh and relatable. The characters had exceptional chemistry, and the development was impeccable. Therefore this is a solid film or series to go back to anytime. Usually, these traits deserve a 10/10, but the main question I always pose to myself at the end is – (Even though it did not affect my viewing experience, was there anything that could have been efficiently done to take perfection even further?) If there is something I find, then 10/10 is not given.


A full score implies that I cannot stop raving about the epicness of the drama/movie to everyone. It was one of the best I have seen, and I will be rewatching it a lot. It is the kind of series or film that drops life gems and has compelling characters. Also, the writing and direction must have been incredible from start to finish, there were no flaws or plot holes. Furthermore, even though there is not a need for a second season or part two, I want more. Now, of course, the last thing is that same question from the 9 -9.5 range – (Even though it did not affect my viewing experience, was there anything that could have been efficiently done to take perfection even further?) If nothing comes to mind, I leave it as a solid 10/10.


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