Lu Han – Dream Up: Music Review

I have featured a song from Lu Han on this blog before, but I have not written a short bio for him yet. So Let’s do that first before getting into the review.

Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. Up until October 2014, he was a member of the South Korean boy group EXO. His official debut for China was in 2015 with the album Reloaded. He has also starred in several box office hits and popular TV series like Fighter of the Destiny and Sweet Combat. On January 16th, he released a new single titled “Dream Up”

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)img_3188

Reaction to Official MV:

  • I appreciate the urban-graphic vibe of the music video.
  • Oh, it is an animated music video. Such videos tend to be interesting.
  • Thank you, Lu Han, for providing English captions.
  • Where are you heading to Mr. Dear or Antelope? Sorry, I honestly cannot differentiate both.🤭
  • Wow, Mr. Dear is looking good with his shades.😂😂😂
  • Okay, I am going to stop now. Let’s focus on the song.
  • Lu Han’s songs are always groovy. I enjoy listening to him because he brings perfect rhythm and flow.
  • So this is about staying true to your dreams no matter what you go through.
  • I love the animation style.
  • The music video also showcases the different ways people move towards their goals.
  • The other animals gave up, but Mr. Deer kept pushing through.
  • The beat is a bit mellow, but it is still a BOP.
  • Lu Han encourages everyone to not give up halfway because the future is uncertain. Try to stay in the race until the end.
  • You still have many chances, so keep dreaming.
  • This is a compelling message accompanied by beautiful music.
  • I am here for it, therefore “Dream Up” is going on my playlist.
  • Honestly, I need to take some time and organize my Asian music playlist. I would love to arrange the songs according to mood.
  • Anyways, I truly enjoyed watching this music video.
  • My rating for “Dream Up” is 10/10.

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