Punch – Yesterday: Music Review

Bae Jin-young, popularly known by the stage name Punch, is a South Korean singer managed by Naym Naym Entertainment. She is well known for her beautiful soundtracks for various Korean dramas. I believe she made her official debut in 2014. img_2311On December 17th, Punch released a new digital single titled “Yesterday”

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Review to Official MV:

  • I always appreciate a good keyboard start.
  • Ahh, there are no English captions.
  • Her voice is so captivating.
  • Honestly, she was meant to tell stories with her voice.
  • Is this meant to be a Christmas song?… She seems to be bidding someone farewell.
  • The struggles of an international fan… I do not understand anything, but this is a lovely ballad.
  • The visuals for the music video are excellent. It gives off the feeling of loneliness but, at the same time, warmth.
  • “Yesterday” is the second song that I have heard from Punch’s personal discography. My first was “Sometimes” which was released on the 18th of September this year.
  • I really loved that song, but so far, this new single is not doing much for me.
  • Do not get me wrong. It is a lovely song, but it is just not as exciting.
  • I am going to try listening to it again with English translations before giving my final thoughts.
  • It sounds much better on the second listen, but it is still not something I see myself listening to a lot.
  • All the same, I love the instrumental on this. It seemed quite simple at first, but I can now hear a lot of exciting background additions going on during different sections of the song.
  • Yesterday” is a beautiful song from Punch, but it just did not do much me, so my rating for this track is 8/10.

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