TAEYEON – PURPOSE: Kpop Album Review

Taeyeon came back yesterday with her second studio album. I wanted to write this review yesterday, but I was so busy. And when I had little time to spare, I was just too tired to focus on anything. So now that I have enough time, let us check out Taeyeon’s latest release together.star_5daff56b212ec Kim Tae-yeon is a South Korean singer signed under SM Entertainment. She goes by the stage name Taeyeon. Apart from being a well-recognized solo artist, she is also a member of the famous female pop group – Girls’ Generation. Taeyeon officially began her solo career in 2015 with her first EP titled I. The title track of her first EP is actually one of my favourite songs. Although I do not follow her comebacks diligently, I do have a good number of songs I love from her.

On the 28th of October, she came back with a new album titled Purpose, which features twelve songs – ten new songs and two bonus tracks.

“Spark” is the title track for this album.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the songs.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • Perfect choice of starting the song with just the guitar playing.
  • The drums came in at the right time to raise the intensity.
  • I love the clapping during the chorus.
  • My favourite parts of “Spark” are the pre-chorus and the chorus itself. The instrumental is fantastic in those sections.
  • Taeyeon sounds great. Her vocal is clear and sturdy.
  • The visuals for the music video is impressive. I really love the scenes with the sunset backdrop. Those scenes and the orange/red colour scheme of the entire video gave a perfect autumn feel.
  • Taeyeon looks stunning.
  • I love her makeup and outfits for this music video. My favourite outfit is the black dress with feather ruffles.
  • From the lyrics, I got that this song is about striving to achieve your dreams. Basically, no matter how long it takes, never lose your spark. Just keep moving forward.
  • Nice message. Everyone needs some motivation once in a while, so thank you, Taeyeon.
  • “Spark” is a groovy track that I do not mind listening to over and over again. As of now, while writing this sentence, I have rewatched the music video five times.
  • I will be adding this song to my playlist. I love it.🥰🥰🥰

Album Review:Taeyeon

(My reaction for each song is solely based on how I feel about the music. I have not checked out the English Translation of the lyrics.)

  1. Here I Am – The beginning is so siren-like. She sounds spectacular on this track. Her voice caught me off guard. Also, the piano on this is entrancing. Great start for the album. I am genuinely amazed at how great “Here I Am” sounds. Excuse me while I rant about the same thing again, but Taeyeon’s voice on this is out of this world. I have to listen to this song again before moving to the next track. Like what?….😮😮
  2. Spark – Still grooving to this song. “hoo hoo hoo hoo.” 🎶🎶
  3. Find Me – Her voice starts off a bit deeper. I love the drums on this. Her vocal runs are excellent, and the background vocals add a nice touch to the song. This is another beautiful piece on the album. So far, all the songs feature different styles, and I am enjoying the diversity.
  4. Love You Like Crazy – The switch from “Find Me” to this is real. I love the instrumental on this; it is so groovy. I am living for the jazzy feel of this track. Taeyeon sounds fantastic, as always. I do not know why, but some parts of “Love You Like Crazy” sounds like something I would have heard from old American girl groups. I love her singing style in this song, it is as if she is skipping vocally on each note.
  5. LOL – This gives me a blues/afro-jazz feel. I love how Taeyeon switches singing styles for each track. The bass on this is heavy… I LIKE. Damn, the horns during the chorus are EPIC. I admire how calming her vocal sounds on this. Also, the intense instrumental at specific points is perfect.  I could listen to this song a million times.
  6. Better Babe – At first, I thought it was going to sound like a cafe song because of the chatting in the beginning. This is also another great song on the album, but it is not my favourite. I do not see myself listening to it often. All the same, Taeyeon sounds really powerful on “Better Babe.”
  7. Wine – Whoever is playing the piano on this is blessed. This is a perfect soft ballad. Her falsetto on this track is breathtaking. The runs at the end of the chorus are so good. Once again, her background vocals are adding the well-needed touch to the song. “Wine” might be one of my favourites on the album, along with “Here I Am.” Everything about this song is so well put together. It is beautiful.
  8. Do You Love Me? – Okay, at this point, I am in love with the piano player. If anyone knows who it is or who they are in each song, please let me know. This song has a Christmas vibe. Once again, her falsetto is a blessing to my ears. I also love the classical music touch for this track, it is DIVINE. Words cannot describe how amazing “Do You Love Me?” sounds. Another favourite on the album.
  9. City Love – So things are now getting more cheerful towards the end. This one has a groovy beat, and Taeyeon sounds really soft and fluffy on this track. But if I were to rank the songs on this album, “City Love” might be really low on my list. It is a lovely song, but there have been so many good ones so far.
  10. Gravity – The last song already😥. Love the softness of this, it is the perfect way to end the album. Ooooh, I love the call and response kind of chorus going on here. The shallow drum beats on this are really amazing. Also, I think a tambourine is being played during the chorus section and other random parts of the track. It is not too noticeable but definitely adds a magical touch. This is a brilliant song, and it is also one of my favourites. Great RnB track from Taeyeon. The ending notes for “Gravity” are outstanding.

Here a preview of the album for you all to hear what each song actually sounds like – 

Final thoughts: 

Taeyeon definitely exceeded my expectations with Purpose. Maybe this is because I hardly ever listen to her albums. I usually pay more attention to her title tracks or OSTs. She legitly blew me away with this comeback. My rating for this album is 9.5/10. I really wanted to give a full score, but that one song that I did not enjoy as much took a few points off.

If you have not checked out this album already, go do so now. I can promise you a good set of songs to add to your playlist.

4 thoughts on “TAEYEON – PURPOSE: Kpop Album Review

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  2. Lena

    It’s interesting how you said that Better Babe was not a song you particularly liked, especially since it’s probably my favorite track on her album. Idk, it’s based on preferences but I loved the angsty feel the song gave, especially the pre chorus. Overall the song really gave me Pillowtalk by Zayn vibes, without sounding too similar. But I agree, this album was absolutely beautiful. Another masterpiece by King Taeyeon herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea it definitely depends on personal preference. My favourite tracks on the album are Wine, Gravity and Here I Am. Overall, I could listen to the full album a million times because it’s really good.


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