My Ultimate Girl Crush – Ni Ni, Looking Fabulous As Ever🥰🤩

As usual, I have a pictorial fave for you all today. I’m showcasing a few editorial shots of Chinese actress Ni Ni from earlier this year. In my opinion, she is one of the most stunning women I have ever seen. There’s something peculiar about her aura that I love!!

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

In May, Ni Ni graced the cover of Conde’ Nast Traveler China. I decided to share these pictures now as they’re pretty befitting for the upcoming season. I’m seriously not looking forward to the first snow, but I’m super excited for Christmas –

I adore the focus on nature and the peaceful vibes of these photos. I’m someone who dislikes being out during winter, but I would not mind a weekend cabin getaway with such beautiful views.

Next is another charming cover shoot from L’Officiel China – June 2021 Issue, photographed by Sun Jun. A few things that stood out to me about these photos was Ni Ni’s makeup, jewelry, outfits and the shoot locations –

Her outfit in the coming pictures is gorgeous. The detailing is incredible and sits so well on the black fabric😍 –

Before closing this post, I want to bring some light to one of Ni Ni’s upcoming dramas. It’s called Night Wanderer, and her co-star is Deng Lun –

Night Wanderer is a 36 episode iQiyi drama that tells the timeless love story of Zong Ying (Ni Ni) and Sheng Qing Rang (Deng Lun).

Synopsis: One summer night in Shanghai, Zong Ying bumps into an unexpected visitor at home who claims to be the owner of an old apartment No. 699 in Shanghai. Every night, Sheng Qing Rang time travels from 1937 to modern times and goes back by morning. He even has proof of his identity as an attorney of the Republic of China. Although Sheng Qing Rang tried to convince her that he was from another time, the level-headed Zong Ying brushed off his claims as nonsense. Yet when he disappears before her eyes, she has no choice but to begin accepting the fact.

As Zong Ying and Sheng Qing Rang go back and forth between two eras, the two people who were relatively restrained when it comes to love gradually grow from friends to confidantes and, finally, lovers. It is an absurd hope for the couple to stay together. Death has seemingly cast a shadow on Sheng Qing Rang’s future as the Battle of Shanghai broke out. In the flames of war, two people who do not belong to the same time and space have become the essential footnotes in each other’s lives (Source: MyDramaList).

The plot summary is intriguing, and even though this might be a heartwrenching story to watch, I am still eager to see both actors together on screen. From the trailer, I can tell there will be genuine chemistry, the wardrobe aspect also seems on point, and I enjoy well-written time travel dramas. They have officially wrapped the filming process, so I have my fingers crossed for this to release at least mid-next year.

That’s all for this post. I hope you all continue to have a fantastic weekend. If you are also excited about Ni Ni’s upcoming series Night Wanderer, let me know in the comment section. Stay blessed, everyone💋.

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