HEIZE Unveils Her 7th Mini-album & First Comeback Under P NATION

Earlier today, South Korean singer, rapper and songwriter, HEIZE released her 7th mini-album, HAPPEN. This record has eight songs, and I have been anticipating her return, so let’s jump right into this review.

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.) 

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • Right of the bat, I love the guitar instrumental. Heize looks amazing, + the vibrant colours, set design and visuals for this music video are gorgeous.
  • I enjoyed the melody and rhythm of this song so much that I nearly forgot to type my thoughts.
  • Heize’s voice on this track is charming and very soothing. I also love the cinematic feel of the MV. Plus, it features Song Joong Ki, and who could resist such beauty?
  • “HAPPEN” is a lovely song. I believe Heize wrote the lyrics, and she did such a great job at expressing the emotions that surround ‘not so coincidental’ first meetings of soon-to-be lovers.

Album Review:

  1. HAPPEN – Love this song a lot. It’s a mid-tempo vibe, but Heize’s voice feels so relaxing on the track.
  2. Like the first time (feat. GARY) – The piano and violin instrumental for this song give off a sweet, serene feeling + Heize’s voice is flowing beautifully. I love how the violin intensified during Gary’s verse, such an excellent production and well-thought-out music composition. “Like the first time” is a relaxing piece. I truly enjoyed listening to this song, and it’s my first favourite on the album.
  3. Flu (feat. CHANGMO) – I was curious about this song because Tablo of (Epik High) was involved in composing and arranging it. Yea, the instrumental certainly has a distinct Hip-hop/R&B vibe, and I enjoyed every second of Heize and Changmo on this track. The chord progressions were relatively subtle but pivotal in supporting each artist’s entry and exit. “Flu” is my second favourite.
  4. Why – This more has a groove to it, and I’m here for this type of energy. The beat is bouncy, and the backing vocals on this are beautiful. The production quality on all four songs has been superb. “Why” is so good that it felt too short for me. I love this song!
  5. The Walking Dead (feat. Kim Feel) – Kim Feel is a vocal beast, hence why I’m excited about this collaboration. I love the guitar intro. The progression of this song gives up a sad but optimistic feeling, so I checked for the English translation, and it’s somewhat along those lines. The harmonization between Heize and Kim Feel is so beautiful, and his vocal runs + the violin instrumental is pure bliss to my ears. Another favourite on this album.
  6. From the Rain (feat. Ahn Ye Eun) – I can hear some traditional elements on the instrumental of this song, + the melody is graceful. Heize sounds soothing as usual, and Ahn Ye Eun’s Pansori singing style brings a nice dimension to the mix. It’s always fun hearing a fusion of traditional and modern music. I love this song, and it might be high up on my list if I were to rank the album.
  7. Hi, hello? – Is it just me, or does this song have a theatrical feel? It could be a lovely musical number for a stage play. I love this vibe for me + Heize is serving rich vocal runs, and the instrumental is well produced. Every single song has been on point, and “Hi, hello” is no exception.
  8. Destiny, it’s just a tiny dot. – The last song, and it seems to be a slow number. Okay, this an instrumental-only track, and I love how relaxing it feels. Such a perfect close to this incredible album.

Final Thoughts:

First, this album had great features from some of my favourite artists, and they all merged beautifully with Heize. I also enjoyed how the composition on this record incorporated different musical styles while working mainly within the R&B/Soul genre, + the vocal quality and production on all eight songs are exceptional. P NATION stays snatching up all the best artists, and I am enjoying the effort/dedication put into all their releases. HEIZE truly showcased her talent and hard work with this 7th mini-album, HAPPEN. Therefore it gets a 10/10 rating from me.

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