TAEMIN Unveils His 3rd EP & Last Comeback Before Enlistment

Earlier today, TAEMIN released his 3rd mini-album, Advice, which contains five songs. This record also marks his last comeback before the mandatory military service. I’m sad but excited to enjoy his new music, so let’s get right into this review –

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • The piano intro promises pure angst, so I’m all in. Also, the colour scheme for this music video is beautiful.
  • I love how Taemin started this song, + the instrumental and choreography are a whole vibe!!!
  • “Advice” has quite an unpredictable progression. It hardly flows the way I anticipate, but everything still sounds seamless.
  • The visuals for this MV are trippy!! Kudos to Taemin and his dancers👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. They are always in sync and bring the right energy and flow to every move.
  • I LOVE THIS SONG. It’s groovy, vocals are on point, and I can listen to it on repeat without getting bored.

Album Review:

  1. Advice – This right here is a certified bop! I love the piano on this song a lot; such sweet production.
  2. Light – From the first 2 seconds of this song, I can already tell that I’m going to love it. It seems to be right up my alley. Taemin’s voice on this track is smooth, and I love that I can feel the heavy bass since I’m listening to it with headphones. Yes, it’s my vibe, and the production quality of this song is superb.
  3. If I could tell you (feat. TAEYEON) – With Taeyeon as a feature, I know this will be another solid track. Taemin is killing the speed singing style, + he sounds so lovely. Taeyeon came into the mix beautifully, and of course, she’s serving vocals. “If I could tell you” is more chill compared to the previous two songs, and I love this vibe as well.
  4. Strings – Love the intro, and the melody for this song is soothing. The instrumental and vocals are serving R&B richness, and I am living for this moment. I can’t pick a favourite song yet because everyone so far has been fantastic. I love “Strings”.
  5. SAD KIDS – Last song already? This EP went by too fast😞. The vocal quality and overall production on “SAD KIDS” is perfect, and although I love it, the other four songs stood out more to me. It would be last on my list if I were ranking.

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, the production quality on TAEMIN‘s records is always 100% on point. From the vocals, instrumentals, visuals, down to the energy, everything comes correct and serves. Advice is a great EP, and I genuinely enjoyed listening to every song. I’m sad that I won’t be getting anything from him in the next two years, but this was the perfect high note to exit. My rating for this mini-album is 10/10, and if I were to pick a favourite song right now, it would be “Advice”.

2 thoughts on “TAEMIN Unveils His 3rd EP & Last Comeback Before Enlistment

  1. The concept photos for this were stunning I need all of them as posters lol! So glad you loved this too, such a great comeback. I will miss him so much. 😥


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