Catching Up With Recent Comebacks: Bii|B.I|aespa|JAY B|YUQI of (G)I-DLE & KANG DANIEL

This post is a quick round-up of some releases that I missed from last week. As usual with my compiled reviews, I’m sharing brief opinions on each song.

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while checking out each artist.)

I am starting with one of my favourite Taiwanese singers, Bii. He released a new single titled “Seeking Love” on May 13th –

The instrumental on this song is excellent; I love that it almost sounds like a pop-rock track, + Bii’s voice blended in beautifully. I enjoyed listening to “Seeking Love” a lot, so it’s already on my playlist. I’m always happy listening to Bii sing because his voice touches me differently in a way that I can’t even put in words.

Moving on to B.I‘s latest release, “Got It Like That (feat. Destiny Rogers & Tyla Yaweh)”

It’s my first time hearing Destiny Rogers or Tyla Yaweh. Right off the bat, I love the beat of this song. Destiny seems to have a great flow and voice, + I love her outfit. I love that B.I keeps forging on this rigid industry, and he’s going places. Tyla Yaweh section is also on point. I love the simple visuals for the MV, and the song is LIT!!

Next is aespa‘s new single, “Next Level”, that was released just yesterday – 

I’ve heard one song from them, so I’m excited to see what this one has to offer. I love the music video’s visuals, and the beat is quite catchy. I won’t say I’m entirely in love with this song, but certain instrumental sections are nice. At first, I thought there’s wasn’t a lot happening vocals-wise to capture my attention, but the bridge came in, and they were giving me 2nd generation SM vibes. Hence I can tell these girls are talented, but “Next Level” as a whole isn’t working for me.

Fourth on this post is JAY B. On May 14th, he released a new single titled “Switch It Up (feat. sokodomo)”, which was produced by Cha Cha Malone –

Right off the bat, his vocals are captivating my soul! How can someone sound so good? This song is right up my alley. I can listen to it and never get tired. “Switch It Up” is a groovy track with fantastic production, and I already added it to my playlist. It’s my first time hearing sokodomo, and I love his flow a lot. I have to check out more songs from him.

Following up is YUQI of (G)I-DLE. On May 13th, she released a single album titled A Page. This record includes two songs: “Giant” and “Bonnie & Clyde”

I love the animated video for “Giant”, and this style of music truly suits Yuqi’s voice. Listening to music with headphones always gives the best experience because it’s nice hearing all the little details in the instrumental. Superb production; I love the intensity of the guitar on this track—also, beautiful message.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is also an EDM-based track, and she sounds haunting. I love the backing vocals, and the intensity of the instrumental is beautiful. I love this song a lot. Yuqi did not come to play!!!

Last on this post is KANG DANIEL. He also released a new single titled “Outerspace (feat. Loco)” on May 13th – 

I love the retro vibe, and he sounds great. The chords during the chorus are uniquely appealing. Loco came in smoothly into the mix. I love this song and already added it to my playlist. Nice one, Kang Daniel👏🏼.

I hope you all liked reading my brief reviews on each song, and feel free to let me know which ones you enjoyed in the comment section💞.

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