Chinese Celebrities Show Out For The 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR Icon Night

Yet another set of pictures that I’ve been itching to share, and I am so happy for my newly found free time. Chinese celebrities showcased various gorgeous looks at The 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR Icon Night, held in March. I’ll break this pictorial fave into two parts, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for the follow-up post, which will also go live today.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from the official magazine websites and social media sites.)

First off is my forever queen, Ni Ni in Gucci. In my opinion, she had one of the best looks for the night. I love her contoured gown + her makeup and jewelry were on point – 

Next is Qiu Tian in her two outfits for the night. She looks like a pretty and adorable fairy. My favourite look is the blush pink gown (not sure of the exact colour, but you all get the gist) – 

Third on this list is Zhang Xiaofei in her two looks for the night. She is serving elegance in both gowns, but I love the green velvet gown more – 

Following up is Elaine Zhong in a Yumi Katsura floral gown. I love the scenery for her photos, and she looks gorgeous –

No, I didn’t forget the guys. Here are Bai Jingting‘s looks for the night. He went for casual pieces but dressed them up a bit with high fashion blazers –

Up next is another queen! Zhao Liying made a strong statement with a Guo Pei gown for her first look and served equally in a Dior gown as her second outfit –

Seventh on this list is Jin Chen. I love her hair and makeup, + the colour of her gown compliments her skin tone so well –

He Sui showed up in quite a distinct look. I admire how she rocked a unique fit, + I love her flare pants – 

Second, to last on this post is someone who made headlines for his vibrant outfit. Simon Gong rocked a Louis Vuitton suit that night. Many people commented that he looked like a colourful butterfly, and his witty reply was, “Don’t speak nonsense; this is a light watercolour print”😂. All the same, he looked good –

To close, I have Jin Jing, and I love the colour and design of her gown paired with the tiny jewelry pieces. She came to serve beauty! –

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