HIGHLIGHT – ‘The Blowing’ Album Review

On May 3rd, HIGHLIGHT returned with their 3rd mini-album, The Blowing. It contains six songs, including the title track – “Not the End”. I haven’t listened to this group since their 2016 album, Highlight, which was still under the name – BEAST. I’m excited to return to an old love.

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • It feels good seeing Gi-kwang’s beautiful face again.
  • I missed their voices, and I feel bad for not paying attention to them all these years. Although, I did listen to Yoon Doo-joon’s solo album that dropped last year. 2016 wasn’t exactly my best year, so my brain did a full stop on certain things, and somehow I forgot🤦🏼‍♀️.
  • The visuals for this music video are gorgeous. I like the flush of pastel/spring colours, + these men look good.
  • I wasn’t expecting the chorus to drop so hard, but okay. I enjoy the verses more than the chorus, but “Not the End” seems to be the type of song that will naturally grow on me with more listens. Hence I’ll save my final thoughts for the album review section.

Album Review: 

  1. Not the End – Yea, my ears got more familiar with the EDM chorus after the second listen. I’m someone who doesn’t gravitate much towards heavy EDM beats, hence why I was a bit thrown off at first. All the same, Highlight served beautiful vocals on this song, + the production quality is excellent.
  2. Wave – Alright, this one seems a bit tamer, and I also love the vocal quality. The chorus drop for this song isn’t too heavy, so I didn’t feel off. I’m enjoying the chord progression as well. The way their voices flow with the instrumental feels very seamless. Wow, the runs and harmonizations on this track are beautiful!!! I love “Wave”.
  3. Hey Yeah – From the whistling intro, I think I’m going to love this song. Yes, this one is groovy and makes me want to dance. I love the claps and harmonization going on in the background. “Hey Yeah” might be my favourite so far. It’s such a vibe and naturally elevated my mood.
  4. Sorry – Oooo, okay! “Sorry” gives me sensual and smooth R&B richness, and I’m living for every second of it. The production on this particular track is beautiful. The deep vocals are blessing my ears!!! I love this song, and it’s another favourite on the album.
  5. Disconnected – This track has an intriguing instrumental progression + a lovely melody. Once again, their voices are beautiful. I can hear the years of experience with how easily they flow and harmonize with each other. “Disconnected” is a vibe.
  6. Surf – Love how this starts with some soft ocean sounds. The vocal runs, and the keyboard instrumental on this song is immaculate. I love “Surf”; it’s undoubtedly another favourite and a sweet closing to this album.

Final Thoughts:

Aside from the title track that I’m not 100% into yet, the remaining songs on this mini-album came correct. Since I already pinpointed my favourites, there’s no need to mention them here again.

It’s always a delight to hear Highlight together as a group because their vocal unison is pure chef kiss. I’ve noticed that 1st and 2nd generation kpop groups tend to have a unique flair in their music that typically elevates my mood. I guess it’s the experience + nostalgia. All the same, I truly enjoyed listening to this album; the production quality on it is superb. I’m happy to have returned to my old love and will be sticking around this time. On that note, my rating for HIGHLIGHT‘s 3rd mini-album, The Blowing, is a 9.5/10.

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