SUPER JUNIOR’s Yesung Wishes Us All A “Beautiful Night” – Album Review

On May 3rd, SUPER JUNIOR’s YESUNG released his 4th mini-album, Beautiful Night, which contains seven songs. Let’s get right into my review because I’m ready to be blessed with amazing vocals!!!

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • Yesung’s voice always takes me on a ride. He sounds beautiful, + the jazzy instrumental makes this song even much better for me.
  • The music video’s visuals are great as well. I love the actress, and they both look adorable together.
  • Whoever is playing the trumpet or saxophone on this track went off (I’m not sure on the exact instrument or if I heard both). Overall the production quality for this song is superb.
  • “Beautiful Night” is a feel-good love song, and I genuinely enjoyed listening to it.

Album Review: 

  1. Beautiful Night – I love this song a lot. The instrumental + Yesung’s powerful and velvet-like voice created absolute bliss.
  2. Phantom Pain –This was a pre-release to the album. I already listened to it. “Phantom Pain” leans towards the neo-soul/R&B genre, which is my favourite lane of music, so I enjoy this song a lot. Also, I love the production quality, and Yesung stands undefeated because he serves gorgeous vocals all the time.
  3. Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart) – The melody for this song is serene, but I can tell it’s a sad one from the title. Also, the singing style used here is captivating. I adore how Yesung sounds on the track, and the instrumental is equally incredible. So far, all the songs have been amazing, but I think “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)” might be at the very top of my list for now.
  4. Fireworks – From the intro, I can already tell I’m going to love this song. Plus, it has a slightly retro vibe which always leads to a pleasant groove anthem. I am savouring the production quality of this album because every aspect of this track is serving rich goodness. “Fireworks” is a vibe.
  5. No More Love – I guess Yesung plans to serve bops from start to finish. Every song has been on point, which is the type of quality that I love. It’s rare to have albums that don’t have a miss, so I’m going to savour every minute of this record. “No More Love” is a slow R&B track, and Yesung sounds breathtakingly beautiful. I’m probably a broken record now because I can’t stop complimenting his voice.
  6. Like Us – This song has a lovely guitar instrumental, and Yesung sings very gently. Honestly, I have nothing much to say because I’ve poured all my compliments into the previous tracks, and this one follows up beautifully as well. “Like Us” has a less complex production than the rest, but it’s still equally great and a perfect chill vibe.
  7. A Letter in The Wind – Okay, we’re finishing up with a power ballad, and you all know how much I love this style of music. I think Yesung specifically made this album for me😊. It completely suits my taste, and I enjoyed spending my twenty-six minutes with his beautiful voice. “A Letter in The Wind” is a fantastic close.

Final Thoughts:

The title for this mini-album is truly befitting because what other word can I use to describe what I just experienced than beautiful. From start to finish, this record showcased excellent vocal and instrumental quality. The overall production is just sweet to hear, so I have no complaints. All seven tracks are incredible, but if I must pick a favourite, it will have to be “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)”. That song had some extra goodness that I can’t deny.

Listening to YESUNG‘s 4th mini-album, Beautiful Night, was genuinely a blissful experience. Therefore my rating for it is 10/10.

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