ITZY Returns With New EP ‘GUESS WHO’ – Album Review

On April 30th, ITZY released their 4th mini-album, GUESS WHO. This EP has six songs, including the title track – “In the morning”, so here’s my review.

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • Right off the bat, I love the music video’s visuals, + the editing style makes it fun to watch. I also like the haunting vibe of this song, and their choreography is on point. 
  • The girls all look gorgeous. I love their make-up and outfits, and my favourite looks are the black and white outfits.
  • “In the morning” is a fresh sound for ITZY, and they are selling it well enough. I truly enjoyed listening to this song. Every section made sense, and there was no part of the song that felt too odd or out of place.
  • On that note, if there’s anything new I discover on my second listen, I’ll share it during the album review.

Album Review:

  1. In the morning – Listening to this track with headphones makes a big difference. You get to feel all the bass and hear the soft vocal echoes in the background. I still stand on the fact that I like this song. It might not be something I reach out for often, but it’s a great dance track.
  2. Sorry Not Sorry – I love the guitar intro on this track, + the melody and vocals are beautiful. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting so much intensity. I assumed it would remain in the mid-tempo range due to how it started, but the chorus came in so hard with the drumbeats!!! I love the instrumental and production for “Sorry Not Sorry”. I enjoyed this song more than “In the morning”.
  3. KIDDING ME – This song is right up my alley. It has such a groovy melody, and the instrumental progression during the chorus makes me want to body roll😂. I think I’ve found my favourite on this album. Also, I love what the girls are doing vocally. Their producers did an excellent job at placing their voices to fit each song’s style while still showcasing each lady’s strength.
  4. Wild Wild West – I love the Spanish-influenced guitar intro. However, I didn’t enjoy “Wild Wild West”. It started great, but the following-up melody was not captivating enough for me. I couldn’t get into the vibe until the last few seconds, so it’s a no for me.
  5. SHOOT! – From how “SHOOT!” started, I knew it would be another favourite of mine. It’s has a smooth and sensual vibe which I love for me! It’s also serving some R&B goodness. If you haven’t noticed already, I have an addiction to anything with an R&B-ish feel because those are the type of songs I naturally gravitate towards daily.
  6. TENNIS (0:0) – This seems to be the softest and slowest song on the album. I’m still 50/50 on “TENNIS (0:0)”, but I love the vocal quality during the pre-chorus section. Maybe it’s just that particular section I enjoy, and the remaining parts of this song are not doing much for me.

Final Thoughts:

Alright, in comparison to their previous record – Not Shy, I believe GUESS WHO is a more cohesive album. The vocal quality and overall production on all six songs are fantastic. For a relatively new group, ITZY is doing a fabulous job, but I also think they’re still in the process of establishing their distinct sound. I ended up adding four tracks to my playlist but “KIDDING ME” and “SHOOT!” are my favourites. With all that said, my rating for ITZY‘s 4th mini-album, GUESS WHO is 8.5/10.

2 thoughts on “ITZY Returns With New EP ‘GUESS WHO’ – Album Review

  1. Totally agree that this is a more cohesive album than Not Shy. I also enjoyed the title and even though I wasn’t feeling the verses so much at first I’m completely sold now lol. Love it. The music stages are bad ass too. ☆


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