BIBI – ‘Life Is a Bi…’ Album Review

On April 28th, BIBI released her 2nd mini-album, Life Is a Bi… which contains five songs, including the title track – “Bad Sad and Mad”. Here’s my review.

(Please note – this is a real-time review. Meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • I wasn’t expecting the song to start right off once I clicked on the music video.
  • BIBI looks good, and she sounds beautiful, as expected + I enjoy watching her quirky personality.
  • I love the mellow but groovy vibe of this song. It’s right up my alley. My only problem is that it’s too short, so I couldn’t fully enjoy any aspect.
  • After reading some comments, I discovered that the actual track is a bit longer than what this official video showcases, so I’ll save my thoughts on “Bad Sad and Mad” for the album review.

Album Review:

  1. Umm… Life – I just noticed that this is only 2:11 minutes long. Why does she have to make these songs short and then sound so good? “Umm… Life” is written entirely in English, and the lyrics are pretty deep. Like the title track, this also has a mellow but slightly groovy vibe, so I enjoyed listening to it. It’s already on my playlist.
  2. Bad Sad and Mad – Another song that is, for the most part, written in English. I already mentioned that it’s right up my alley, and thankfully with this official track, I get more time to enjoy every aspect. I love the play on words and repetition in the lyrics; it creates a beautiful melody.
  3. Prit the Dog – Yet another song that isn’t up to three minutes😥. BIBI’s voice on this track is pure perfection + I love the instrumental on this one a lot. “Prit the Dog” is a big mood, and I can see myself playing it often.
  4. Birthday Cake – I love that I can understand most of these songs right away because “Birthday Cake” is also written entirely in English. Once again, I love the play on words. I think it’s so brilliant when singers use words that could sound like two different things, e.g. buddy & body. The vocal quality on this track is excellent,+ I love the violin they inserted into the instrumental at the very end. Also, the music video for this song is so raw and emotional.
  5. Life Is a Bi… – This song has the classic BIBI feel with how she slurs and bends her words while singing. I sincerely love and enjoy her unique style that no one else can imitate in the industry. “Life Is a Bi…” is a bop, and the instrumental also hits beautifully with the infusion of violins towards the end. Also, BIBI is a great actress, and they did an excellent directing job on her music videos. It’s so true; life is a bitch with a lot of pressure and stress. So you have to take things easy while still trying to live your best life.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, this record feels more like a mixtape than an album. Here’s why I think so – from my experience, albums tend to be heavily organized/produced to perfection and carry much lengthier songs. On the other hand, mixtapes are usually a collection of short but raw pieces of music with very emotionally driven lyrics. At first, I wasn’t too keen on how brief the songs were on this album, but after going through all five tracks and seeing the direction for the visuals, I understood BIBI’s artistic choices. Hence why Life Is a Bi… feels more like a mixtape to me.

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed listening to all the songs on this record. The vocal and instrumental quality was on point. I admire how BIBI stays doing what is suitable for her and not just hopping on trends. She’s undoubtedly a unique and talented artist that will go far in due time. With all that said, my rating for BIBI‘s 2nd mini-album, Life Is a Bi… is 10/10.

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