Song Of The Week – “Barment Blues” by HORIM & Ha Heonjin

I’m hitting you all with some late-night blues from HORIM & Ha Heonjin. I discovered “Barment Blues” at the close of last week, and it has been on repeat since then, so I had to share it with you all.

Before I get into sharing my thoughts on this song recommendation, let’s put some focus on the artists involved –

HORIM is a South Korean neo-soul singer that debuted in 2015 with the single album – Black Consumer. His musical focus is more on R&B, jazz, blues and hip-hop. “Barment Blues” marks my first time hearing anything from him. Since I was fascinated by his voice, I’ve started diving into his discography, and It’s so much fun.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find much information on Ha Heonjin. All I know is that he’s a guitarist signed to BGBG Record. I remember hearing him as a featured artist on The BLANK Shop’s album – Tailor, which I spoke extensively about in a previous post, 👉🏽 Let’s Get Into Some Korean Jazz Music With The BLANK Shop’s Album💿- ‘Tailor’.

Now, let me shed some light on why I chose “Barment Blues” as my recommendation this week. I remember being quite intrigued by the music video’s thumbnail on Youtube, and I saved it for my watch later. Eventually, when I went back to watch the mv, I was utterly in awe and somewhat in disbelief of the musical beauty reaching my ears. I’m not even exaggerating because not many songs can make me pause and be still for a good three minutes. The way HORIM started the song + Ha Heonjin on the guitar gave me chills. Once the full melody came in with all the beautiful vocalization and arrangement, I FELL IN LOVE and added this song to my playlist immediately.

In my opinion, “Barment Blues” by HORIM & Ha Heonjin is a brilliant song that I could listen to every day without getting bored, so how could I not share this with you all? Hopefully, someone enjoys listening to it as much as I do.💕

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