I’m Taking A Break from Posting Until November

Hello everyone🤗, I hope you all are in good health

I’m writing this post to announce that I will be taking a break from posting any new content for a while. At least until November. Many of you may not be aware that I’m a Nigerian studying in Canada. Currently, my country is bleeding🩸. Therefore I am not in the right mental space to discuss dramas or music.

The movement against police brutality in Nigeria started about two weeks ago. Nigerians both home and abroad took to the streets to demand the immediate disbandment of an anti-robbery task force known as SARS. This police unit has been the cause of numerous deaths in all states of Nigeria. They profiled innocent civilians as criminals just for having iPhones, laptops, good cars, tattoos, locs, or merely dressing well😔. SARS was supposed to protect Nigerian citizens, but they became the biggest robbers. They not only profiled innocent citizens but went further to seize money and kill anyone that refused their requested amounts. The NIGERIAN YOUTHS took it upon themselves to peacefully; I repeat peacefully protest for the government to END SARS.

Bringing us to yesterday when my country, Nigeria, massacred her people in cold blood

First, the government placed an impromptu curfew, took down CCTV cameras, waited for nighttime and then the Nigerian Army opened gunfire at non-active peaceful protesters who were sitting down while raising the Nigerian flag

The flag colours are green, white, green, but yesterday in most states of Nigeria, it became GREEN, RED, GREEN!!! The blood of so many youths stained our flag. I AM PAINED💔, and I CANNOT SLEEP. I’m having nightmares even though I wasn’t there in person. Therefore, I’m taking a break to give myself space to think and also follow up closely with what happens next in my country.

Regarding dramas like Lost Romance, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Unsung Cinderella and Do You Like Brahms?, which I already started following. I will give my final reviews once I return in November.

Once again, I wish all my readers the best. Continue to stay safe, everyone, and please protect your mental space. Love you all ❣️

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