DREAMCATCHER – Dystopia: Lose Myself: Kpop Album Review

On August 17th, DREAMCATCHER came back with Dystopia: Lose Myself. The title track for this album is “BOCA”

DREAMCATCHER is a South Korean girl group managed by Dreamcatcher Company. There are seven members in this group – JiU, SuA, Handong, Dami, Gahyeon, Siyeon, and Yoohyeon. Each member represents a nightmare or fear. They were initially called MINX with only five members. On January 13th of 2017, they re-debuted with their current name, an addition of two new members and the single album – Nightmare.

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Official MV for BOCA:

  • I always appreciate a good dark vibe music video or concept.
  • Already, I am in LOVE with the beat.
  • I love the continuous background vocals throughout each person’s verse.
  • Dami is such a fantastic rapper. Her parts always call for my attention, and I love her deep voice.
  • Excellent production for the instrumental. I love how it intensifies for specific sections.
  • Oh, this song is groovy. It makes me want to move my body.
  • I don’t know everyone’s name yet, but so far, all the ladies are serving vocals, stage presence and energy. Plus, their outfits are stunning.
  • The variations of vocal tones in this group are perfect. They all compliment each other very well.
  • The visuals for the music video are serene and mystical. I love it.
  • I love the electronic/rock chorus, and the inclusion of martial art moves into the choreography.
  • The rappers are giving me life. The flow and energy are on 100%.
  • The harmonies and high notes are insane. I LOVE “BOCA”
  • Dreamcatcher has impressed me once again. I might not be a stan yet, but I’m getting there slowly.
  • These girls are incredible and stand out from other K-pop girl groups.

Album Review:

This mini-album has a total of six songs. Here is the highlight medley –

  1. Intro – I already heard a bit of this rain and thunderous intro in the title track. Once again, I love the dark and mystical vibe. Plus, the rock elements are incredibly beautiful.
  2. BOCA – I’m just going out jam out here.💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  3. Break The Wall – Interesting entry on this track, and I adore the rock instrumental. Also excellent production with the distorted vocals. The drumming on this song is impressive. The harmonization on the chorus is beautiful, and I love the melody of the section that comes right before the second verse. This is my first time hearing a K-pop girl group go all-out rock, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Personally, “Break The Wall” doesn’t beat “BOCA”, but I still love it. 
  4. Can’t get you out of my mind – This track has a softer start. I honestly don’t know what to expect at this point. Even the slow songs have some rock elements. Alright, I need to start paying more attention to Dreamcatcher because I love Korean rock bands, and this album is such a vibe. I am here bopping my head because “Can’t get you out of my mind” is a perfect dance track. The EDM meets rock feels are intense on this one. Also, the production is beautiful, and their vocals sound so trancelike. I think this comes right after “BOCA” for me.
  5. Dear – Another slow one but this time I hear a piano. Dreamcatcher has a great set of beautiful singers. This track follows the standard ballad composition style. Okay, “Dear” was slow for a long while, and I was hoping for some variations in tempo, and they just surprised me with sweet drum beats. I am in love with the production of this mini-album. There is never a dull moment. I love the faded humming at the end of this song. 
  6. BOCA Instrumental – Nothing new here, we have only four songs on this mini-album. Now that I am listening to only the instrumental, certain parts remind me of Chen Linong’s “Taste of Summer”. I don’t know why😂😂😂. It’s so weird.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed every minute of this album. Production-wise it is very intriguing, and as I mentioned, there was never a dull moment. DREAMCATCHER is slowing climbing into my list of top girl groups, so I might start learning their names.

I am genuinely impressed with Dystopia: Lose Myself. Therefore it gets a 10/10.

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