NIve – bandages: Music Review

This artist is probably new to a lot of people. I discovered him through his collaboration with Sam Kim on the song “Like A Fool” After listening to their joint work, I decided to dive into NIve’s discography since I was already familiar with Sam Kim.


Jisoo Park, known by the stage name NIve (spelt as nive & pronounced as neeve), is a Korean-American singer-songwriter. He records and produces music for both the U.S. and Korean markets. NIve was born in Seoul, South Korea and lived there until his teen years. He later moved to the Gold Coast of Australia before settling in the U.S. NIve is a relatively new artist, so I was able to get through all his song in a day. I fell in love with every single song from his discography. They are all on my chill grooves playlist. That’s why once I got the notification for his new release, I was thrilled.

bandages is a single album with the title track – “how do i” and a B-side called “new light”

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Title Track/MV:

  • I know that I’m going to love this song. There are some artists that you can never go wrong with, and NIve is one of those rare gems.
  • I love the guitar intro and old home video filter used for the music video.
  • Thank you, NIve, for the English captions.
  • His voice is rich and beautiful.
  • This song is a mix of Korean and English.
  • There is this unique colour that I love in NIve’s voice, but I don’t have the technical words to describe it accurately.
  • The way he slurs his notes at the end of each sentence is very fascinating to me.
  • The instrumental production is perfect and very suiting. Even though NIve used a drumbeat, it doesn’t overpower the chill vibe of this song.
  • Oh, he is definitely singing more in Korean for this song. Most of his songs are entirely in English, and I will recommend a few that have videos at the end of this post.
  • The high notes are powerful and entrancing. If I had NIve’s voice, I wouldn’t keep quiet.
  • Basically, “how do i” is about missing an old partner and wishing for them to come back and try dating again.
  • My rating for this song is a 10/10. It is, for sure, going on my playlist.

Reaction to B-side:

  • Another guitar intro song, and he started out with very soft vocals.
  • I love this song already.
  • It’s even more relaxing than the title track, and NIve is soaring vocally.
  • I just want to close my eyes, lie down and take in the beauty.
  • I love the background harmonization, and the instrumental is so trancelike.
  • There’s no need to overanalyze this song. It gets a 10/10 from me.

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