I Just Discovered My Favourite Web Comic Character Ever!!!

Honestly, I have not been this excited about a comic character in such a long time. I somehow stumbled on this webcomic titled ‘Beware Of The Villainess’, and I am utterly in love with the female lead. She is a certified girl crush. Her attitude and narrative give me life on a big scale. img_0801-1This webcomic tells the story of a unique villainess who has been reborn into the word of a novel to overthrow everything! Why? Because she could not stand by and watch the female lead get manipulated by all four shitty male leads. This is the story of a pragmatic villainess, Melissa Foddebrat, who intends to eradicate all the jackasses, the friendly heroine, Yuri, who is equally irritated at the said idiots, and a wolf named Nine that only yearns for the villainess.

Just from the synopsis alone, anyone can tell that is about to be a weird story and hands down, ‘Beware Of The Villainess’ is the most refreshing ‘reincarnation into a novel world’ comic that I have read. Our villainess, Melissa Foddebrat, is an odd and intriguing character. She does not intend to change her fate or impress any of the male leads. She simply wants to live her villainous life as she dims fit, and I am here for that mindset. She is smart and also not a damsel in distress. My new found favourite character ensures that anyone who looks down on her either gets a well-deserved beating or thunderous words of wisdom. 

This story even goes further to give us a nice and genuine heroine who is also not tolerant of cliche and annoying male leads. img_0883Another exciting factor is that the potential romantic interest for Melissa Foddebrat is not the typical prince or duke. Nine is an adorable and somewhat clingy wolf. 

Plus, the dialogues and facial expressions from the characters are really hilarious. The writer and illustrator surely have a unique sense of humour. Like for real just looks at these – 


Every narrative for this story is new and exciting to me, including the novel’s four male leads. On the surface, they all look dashing and perfect, but they are actually the most annoying folks on the planet. 

Kudos to the writer for taking a different route with a known story troupe and making it work like this. I will definitely continue reading ‘Beware Of The Villainess’

To avoid more spoilers, I will stop my rant here. If anyone is interested in this webcomic, head to the Tapas website or app. It is titled “Beware The Villainess’ on there. Now, like many other webcomics, this story is based on a Korean novel, but unfortunately, there is no translated version yet, hence why I do not have a link.

I hope everyone has a great start to their day. I will meet you all again in a few hours.💕💕💕


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