KINGDOM Season 2: Korean Drama Review

Kingdom is a 2019 Netflix Original Series based on a manhwa called Kingdom Of The Gods by YLAB. After some research, I discovered that there are actually three individuals involved in the creation of the original source material. The idea for the story came from Kim Eun-hee, and she is also the screenwriter for the Netflix adaptation. The illustrator for the manhwa is Yang Kyung-il, and the actual author is Youn In-wan. I know most people might not care for all this information, but I still wanted to provide it. img_3719_originalSynopsis: Kingdom is set in the Joseon period of Korea. It focuses on a zombie plague that has spread mysteriously around the country’s southern provinces. Crown Prince Lee Chang is labelled a traitor by the Haewon Cho clan, which is the family of the current Queen. Due to the political plot against him, he embarks upon a mission to investigate and end the spread of the mysterious undead plague.

Being that I have already seen the first season, which ended with a cliffhanger, I was super excited about watching this continuation. Kingdom promises action and thrill, so I definitely held high hopes for it. If you will like to read my review for season one, use this link 👉🏼 KINGDOM: Drama Review

(Warning –  slight spoilers ahead)


I watched this drama on Saturday while washing my hair and I must say that it was such a beautiful time for me. As a lady with naturally kinky hair, wash-day can be a bit tiring. However, it felt easy this time around because I genuinely enjoyed every minute of this drama.

Okay, first of all, I will like to applaud the intro for this series. It’s very intricate and oddly captivating. As a whole, the cinematography and editing for this drama were perfectly executed. The opening sequence they did for episode three truly solidified the beauty of this production for me – 

Another notable mention is the beautiful and haunting background scores that complimented each scene so well. Overall the production on season two of Kingdom gets an A+++ from me. I enjoyed the build-up, pacing, story and character development of this season way more than the previous one. Even the fight scenes were perfectly choreographed. I got hyped about each new episode. I also love how they wrapped up and connected the storylines of the main characters. I was able to get more understanding of each person’s actions.

We left off season one with a swam of zombies ready to attack in broad daylight. Right off the bat, it was already intense. I was pumped and ready to see how they would survive the gruesome encounter. Thankfully a good number of them survived, and the story gave some insight into the origin of the plague. Now while I was watching season one, I had my suspicions about a few characters. The first one was the crown prince’s bodyguard – Moon Young, and the other was his teacher – Ahn Hyun. Although I was proven right, their betrayal and mistakes still made me sad because it was not merely a black and white situation. The characters finally showed the depth and complexity that was lacking in the first season. Sure they made mistakes, but eventually, they tried to atone for their wrongs. This is why I stated above that I was able to get a better understanding of each person’s actions. I love that this time around, I could feel the friendship, loyalty and bond between the characters. I actually cried a few times.

Moving on, I have to compliment the actors for such an engaging performance. Every single person brought their best to this production. Even the villains with their very disturbing moral grounds showcased chilling and believable acting. There were a few moments when some people’s actions were annoying. A prime example being the State Minister’s nephew – Jo Bum Pal. His lack of backbone and silence in wrong situations irked my soul, but because I saw slight growth in every episode, I was okay with him. This is why I can conclude that no character felt lacklustre to me. The leading roles made smart and brave decisions that genuinely impressed me. A big round of applause should be awarded to Joo Ji Hoon, who portrayed Crown Prince Lee Chang👏👏👏👏. He did a great job of leading this series. I felt every ounce of his words and actions. One of my top scenes from him was in episode six when they had to fight off zombies in the palace. I think I enjoyed that moment way more than I was supposed to. Here’s the scene – 

I really appreciate the realistic portrayal of the final fight in the palace. They actually showed people getting bitten. Honestly, it would have been a loophole if they all came out untouched after dealing with such a massive number of zombies at once.

Going back to the villains, which are the Queen and her father – Jo Hak Joo. Their actions proved that greed only leads to unfavourable outcomes, and they also confirmed that decisions shouldn’t be based on the greater good or evil just to achieve fast results. Their final moments were monstrous and quite disturbing to me. They gained nothing in the end🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Absolutely nothing, but since I don’t want to over spoil, I’m going to end my train of thoughts on their case here. All I can say is that brutality reigned in that family.

Now, after all this praise, here lies the questionable part for me. Why does Netflix need to extend this show? I feel with the way things ended, it could have been a reasonable wrap-up. I don’t even mind the premise that they haven’t found a concrete cure for the plague, because that would leave the next season to focus more on the resurrection plant. However, the whole idea of Jun Ji Hyun’s character creating new zombies out of nowhere seems entirely off to me. I’m scared that they might mess up the proper flow of this series with too many seasons, but we’ll see.

My rating for Kingdom Season 2 is 10/10. I wouldn’t mind rewatching it again because I genuinely enjoyed the story. Plus, all the questions and concerns I had after season one were resolved with this continuation.

To get a better understanding of how I rate each movie or drama, click 👉🏼 Drama|Movie Rating Guide. All English subbed episodes of this series are available on NETFLIX.

If you’ve seen this series, what are your thoughts on the story???


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