Ultimate Girl-crush😍 – Ni Ni for Gucci & GRAZIA Magazine

I have a major girl crush on Ni Ni. She is so pretty, and since I currently have a good number of her pictures on my phone, why don’t I bless my blog a little bit.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

First off are pictures from her recent photoshoot with Gucci – 

img_6269img_6268img_6267I love the pink coat. It really compliments Ni Ni’s skin tone, and her long flowy hair is beautiful. The sun is out, and she is glowing!!!


The next set is her cover photos for GRAZIA China – Issue #457img_6536img_6544img_6543She be looking like a bougie cat lady in these photos.😂img_6537img_6541img_6542

Ni Ni currently has two upcoming dramas –

  • Together (2020) is a drama about the fight against COVID-19. I don’t think I want to watch this one because the struggle is still fresh. However, I might change my mind.🤷🏽‍♀️img_6574
  • My Best Friend’s Story (2021) is a drama set in 20th century Shanghai. It is about the deep friendship between two women and how they support each other through hard times in life. I am looking forward to this one because it also stars Cecilia Liu. Here are some stills that have been released by the production company –

img_6165img_6166img_6167I was so thrilled when I heard the casting news because I previously did an exclusive of my pictorial faves with these two ladies, 👉🏼My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni Exclusive.  Also, I think they might have picked them for the roles because of this interaction on the red carpet 👇🏽adc4401b-a607-4d1d-9fec-69f5a4bf25a6-7110-0000049079ecc451I can’t wait to watch My Best Friend’s Story because I feel Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni will do an incredible job together.


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