Victoria Song Teases Photos For Her First Solo Album

Victoria Song is finally set to release her 1st solo album, and I am thrilled about this news. Seriously, I have been waiting for her to give us more music ever since she dropped “roof on fire” I love that song, and she brought solid choreography on that one.

This new album is self-titled – VICTORIA, and it will be released on May 19th. She has dropped some teasers. So that’s what I will be sharing with you all in this post.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

Let’s start with her first set of teaser images – img_6177img_6181img_6182

img_6183She is gorgeous, and I love that she isn’t afraid to be goofy.


Now here are the album concept photos – img_6185

I noticed that the images spell out her name. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect, but I feel Victoria is going to deliver fiercely.  Hence I am so excited about this album.

While waiting for the 19th, her old song – “roof on fire” will be on repeat. I know they took down the official music video from YouTube, but I was able to find a fan audio-video for you all –

Is anyone else excited about getting new music from Victoria Song????


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