HYNN – Bad Love: Song Of The Week

I didn’t give a song last week, therefore even though this is coming late, I don’t want to miss it.

My chosen song for this week is “Bad Love” by HYNN.


Park Hye-won, known by the stage HYNN, is a South Korean ballad singer born on January 15th, 1998. In 2016, she participated in the audition show – Superstar K and finished in the top three. HYNN is currently signed to New Order Entertainment, and she debuted in 2018 with the single “Let Me Out”

I decided to stick with something mellow because I’ve been in a chill mood lately. Plus, HYNN is such a phenomenal vocalist, and she brought to life every note she sang in this song. There is an iconic and beautiful high note when she sings “No, No, No, No… No, No, No, No… Bad Love” towards the end of the song. That note never fails to amaze me. She is really powerful, and I can’t wait to dive more into her discography.

I hope you all enjoy listening to “Bad Love” as much as I do.💕💕💕

Here is some extra content from HYNN if you’re interested –

Earlier this year, on March 31st, she released a new album titled When I tell you goodbye. I couldn’t review it because I was preoccupied with school at that time.

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