BIBI – KAZINO: Music Review

On April 29th, BIBI released her new single titled “KAZINO”. The cover/teaser photos for this song are quite interesting. I honestly don’t know what to expect – img_5441

Kim Hyung Seo, who goes by the stage name BIBI is a South Korean singer managed by FeelGhood Music. She debuted on May 15th, 2019, with the digital single “BINU”. The first time I saw her was on the audition program – The Fan and I fell in love with her voice and vibe. She is so quirky and adorable. I have been following her releases since her debut, and her songs are excellent, so I have my fingers crossed for “KAZINO”img_5439(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • Yesss!!! I have English subs.
  • Alright, I think this is going to be a darker concept compared to the previous two songs I just reviewed.
  • The music video starts out with a lady being dunked in water. It seems someone is trying to drown her? And she’s clearly struggling.
  • Yep, definitely a darker vibe.
  • Wait a minute? So this casino bets on women and BIBI is trying to win a game?
  • She needs to win that game to save the lady.
  • Am I right?… This is sick, and the fact that such things do happen in real life makes it even more disturbing.
  • All the same, my girl BIBI is looking FINEEEE!!!
  • I love her vocal tone. She transitions smoothly from her full voice to her falsetto.
  • Also, the vocal layering on this is nice. Basically, BIBI sounds beautiful.
  • This song started out with some soft piano and guitar in the background, but things got groovy once the beat came in towards the chorus.
  • BIBI is vocally riding this beat, and “KAZINO” is officially a BOP.
  • Oooh, now I get the name. It’s a play on the word casino… Okay.
  • This music video is really dark. BIBI got chocked and injured for interfering. Now they’re dragging her bloody body casually out of the casino.
  • WHAT A WOW!!!
  • Did I just see Tiger JK?? Nice cameo.
  • For those who don’t know, Tiger is the founder of BIBI’s record label.
  • Ooh, so she isn’t dead, but they brought her to the main boss, who happens to be Tiger JK.
  • Okay, she won the game people. Thank God.
  • I love how the instrumental slowed down again once she won.
  • The bridge sounds so siren-like.
  • Suddenly everyone is down. At the beginning of this video, I saw a scene where BIBI poured some powder into a bottle, so did she spike their drinks??
  • And now the groovy hook is back.
  • Yes, she saved the lady. Good job.👏👏👏
  • “KAZINO” gets a 10/10 from me.
  • I love that the music video has a clear and intriguing storyline. Plus, the song goes mad hard.

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