🗣🗣THIS IS NOT A DRILL: DAY6 Releases Teaser Images For Upcoming Album


I’m clearly overexcited, but I don’t care. Let me live🎉🎉🎉. I had to wait for all the individual and group images before composing this post. Now let’s enjoy this visual feast together.

First off is their tracklist photo for the upcoming album – The Book of Us: The Demon.img_5159


Then here are the group teaser images. img_5471-1img_5473img_5472I love the suits. They are all serving looks. I’m already imagining how amazing the music video is going to be.😃


Up next is our leader, Sungjin’s individual teaser images.

Jae’s individual teaser images. My bias.💕💕💕

Wonpil’s individual teaser images. I can’t wait for him to slay me with vocals.

Young K’s individual teaser images. Somehow only him and Dowoon’s pictures came in a different format.img_5259img_5260


Our baby, Dowoon’s individual teaser images. img_5360img_5361

Honestly, I love the vibe so far. I’m going to stop checking for photo/video teasers now because I want a full experience when I review the album. I still need some element of surprise; hence I won’t listen to the album sampler if they do drop one.

Is anyone else as excited for DAY6’s comeback, or am I the lone ranger here????


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