Let’s Talk Music Streaming Sites – Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc

Hello, hello, everyone🤗🤗

I hope you all are having a great day and staying safe indoors.

Today, I’ll be discussing music streaming sites. As a k-pop lover and likewise a lover of various types of music, I appreciate being able to access my favourite songs at any time for a reasonable price. That’s why when I include links or videos in my music reviews/playlist posts, I try my best to use music streaming sites that are accessible and beneficial to a majority of my readers. If you all have noticed, I tend to use either YouTube or Spotify.

However, other great streaming sites might suit a few peoples’ tastes better. A few examples are YouTube Music, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. Still, before anyone jumps into these sites, you need to know how each operates, how much they cost, and their advantages/disadvantages. So here is a constructive post that provides a detailed review of such sites based on actual research and experience 👉🏼 Customer Advocate In-Depth Review of Music Streaming Services.

Customer Advocate is a website that focuses mainly on Reviewing and Recommending products or services based on actual research and hands-on experience.

“From life insurance to a new yoga mat (and everything in between), we inform and empower consumers with objective company reviews and recommendations… “Decisions made easy” is our motto, and it’s what we work toward every day.” – Customer Advocate.

I found their linked article to be very accurate and helpful, so kindly take your time to check it out.

That is all for this post. I hope you all find the perfect music streaming sites for your songs. Once again, please stay safe everyone.💕💕💕



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