Li Xian and Chun Xia Pose for VogueMe

I am posting a lot of these photo faves because I currently have so many pictures on my phone. I need to declutter to save some new images😊.

This post focuses on Li Xian and Chun Xia’s April Issue cover for VogueMe. Both are Chinese actors, but I am more familiar with Li Xian. I have seen him in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, Only Side by Side with You and Go Go Squid!. These three drams are very different and equally good, so if you need something new, go check them out.

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

I am going to start off with their couple shots.img_4494img_4502img_4499_original

Now onto Li Xian’s personal photos. img_4501img_4532

img_4535img_4496I’m not really feeling the rolled neck scarf, but he still looks good. Li Xian has a few films/dramas slotted for the second half of 2020, but because I’m not sure of their release dates, I don’t feel the need to discuss them now.img_4495

Now for Chun Xia. I love her hairstyle for this shoot.img_4523img_4524

img_4497img_4526I haven’t seen anything from Chun Xia, but she is gorgeous. After doing a quick search, I noticed that she mostly stars in films. She is a cast member for the upcoming Chinese film – Onmyoji. I plan to see that film, so it might represent my first time watching her onscreen.

Just for fun, here are the posters for every drama I mentioned –

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