Absss!!! For Days😳 – Aarif Rahman For Men’s Health

Hong Kong actor and singer-songwriter Aarif Rahman in all his glory for the April Issue of Men’s Health China. Most people might recognize this actor from the 2019 Chinese drama Princess Silver. In this post. I will be sharing my favourite pictures from his recent delightful and eye-catching photoshoot.

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First, let’s start with the few where he actually has clothes on. 

And… here comes the disrespect of it all😏😏😏. img_4713

Hopefully, men actually read these types of magazines to get health advice. As for me,🙄 I know what I came for, and it ain’t health-related. Don’t judge me.😂😂😂img_4718img_4708

Well, thank you very much, Aarif Rahman. I’m terrible at keeping to a routined exercise plan, so I genuinely admire anyone who can be strict with themselves.

I tried to search for his ongoing projects, but he isn’t working on anything currently. He does have a few upcoming TV series set for 2020, but those don’t have a definite release date. Therefore this is all I have for this post.



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