OVAN – Happiness: Song Of The Week

My chosen song for this week is “Happiness” by OVAN. I discovered this song through a random Spotify radio playlist, and I really like it. img_4544Jo Kang Seok, stage name – OVAN is a South Korean hip-hop / R&B artist. He debuted in 2017, and he is currently signed to Romantic Factory. He has released a good number of singles that featured other artists. “Happiness” is one of his digital singles from 2018.

As mentioned already, I stumbled upon this song randomly, and I immediately fell in love with it. I became interested in finding out more about the artist because even without the English lyrics, I could tell that it was a heartfelt track. Thankfully, the music video has English captions. Getting a full understanding made me connect with OVAN more.

In this song, he is basically saying that he feels weak. He’s tired of pretending to be an adult, but thankfully he now makes more money, so he can provide for his family instead of always taking from them. He goes on to thank everyone who had helped him at some point during his journey to becoming OVAN. He still laments on how he wants to feel happy and loved now, but he still deals with insecurities.

“Happiness” is a raw and emotional delivery from OVAN, and it is accompanied by a soft piano instrumental, so I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I do.


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