Jackson Wang – 100 Ways: Music Review

Jackson Wang released a new digital single titled “100 Ways”, so let’s check it out. img_2879Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong rapper, singer and dancer currently based in South Korea. He is a member of the South Korean group GOT7. The group is signed and managed by JYP Entertainment. Jackson also promotes in mainland China as a solo artist and television host. I discovered him through GOT7, and I love his solo projects, so I am excited to hear this new song.

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • I love the cinematic approach they used for this music video.
  • I’m not sure what kind of martial art moves the soldiers are demonstrating, but I always applaud artists that include traditional elements in their music.
  • Did he just come out from a grave? Oooh, I love dark concepts.
  • Looks like this song is going to be only in English?
  • I love his raspy tone when singing.
  • I love the beat switch that happens once he started singing – “There’s a hundred ways to leave a lover…”
  • Yes, the drums from the instrumental are giving me life.
  • I find it so intriguing that they incorporated the soldiers armouring up Jackson into the choreography. Very brilliant.
  • “100 Ways” feels like a warrior’s chant into battle.
  • Okay, we are experiencing a full vocal show from Jackson.
  • The choreography is impressive. I just love the fusion of martial arts into every little move they do.
  • The production quality for this music video is 100% perfect. I love the colours, scene transitions and set design.
  • So is the story like a rebirth or resurrection of old-time lovers. Jackson Wang must have died a war hero, and now he is back for his bride, who passed away while waiting for his return??? That’s what I’m getting so far.
  • So now they are descending back into a new grave together. Which means Jackon and the lady’s souls have become one at last???
  • Sorry, I’m just messing around. I’m trying to figure out what the story signifies, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter.
  • I am going to listen to this song again before giving my rating.
  • After hearing it the second time, I can conclude with certainty that Jackson did great with his singing. I love that he used traditional flute to spice up the regular EDM styled instrumental. I also enjoyed the intense drums.
  • Therefore, my rating for “100 Ways” is 10/10.

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