Tia Ray – Here For You (為你而來): Song Of The Week

I know this is late, but I have been busy. The song that I stuck on the most this week is “Here For You (為你而來)” by Tia Ray. It is an official soundtrack and opening theme for the Chinese drama, Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty. The series stars Wang An Yu and Landi Li as leads. I just started watching it, and I am not sure if I will review it. Even if I do, it might be a brief review. Similar to what I did for Ten Years Late.


Tia Ray seems to be singing a lot of my favourite soundtracks from Chinese dramas. I love her voice. Her singing style for OSTs is profoundly emotional. She just hits you with different levels of feels as the song progresses. At first, when I heard this song, I didn’t know she was the one singing. I am still new to Tia Ray’s sound. This was my statement after finding out – “yea, that makes complete sense. She always gets me teary for no good reason😥😥.” Her voice is beautiful, and it always brings home the message of any song.

The soft instrumental start for “Here For You (為你而來)” is one of my favourite sections of the song. It gently prepares you for a beautiful melody that you will not easily forget. Then the male background vocal is another intriguing aspect of this OST. Although that voice is faint, it works as a great tool that takes the song to a higher note towards the end. Analyzation aside, this is a beautiful song, so I hope you all enjoy listening to it as well.


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