On the 6th of January, Younha released her fifth mini-album – UNSTABLE MINDSET. “Dark Cloud” is the title track for this EP.img_2714Go Youn-ha popularly known as Younha is a South Korean singer-songwriter and record producer. In 2004, she began her career in Japan with the single – “Yubikiri”. She later gained tremendous success with her second Japanese single titled “Houkiboshi” which was also used as a soundtrack for the anime series Bleach. She even earned the nickname – Oricon Comet for charting high on the country’s music streaming sites. In 2006, she officially debuted in Korea with the digital single – “Audition”

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • She is so pretty.
  • Yesss… I have English subs.
  • Wow, she starts singing right away.
  • I like how they incorporated the sound of thunder into the instrumental.
  • The colour scheme for the music video is stunning.
  • You all know that I go crazy over soft piano songs, and this is already serving in that aspect.
  • I find myself going back to beginning way too many times so that I can pick out every little detail. Lol
  • They also included the sound of rain, which goes along with the theme of dark clouds, I guess.
  • That aside, I absolutely enjoy the sound of rain. Whenever I cannot sleep, that is what helps put me to bed.
  • I am not even halfway through this song, but I know that I am going to love it.
  • Okay, time to focus.
  • Ooo, it got me with the drums.😍😍😍
  • I am getting chills. Younha’s voice is so beautiful, and the musical progression is impressive.
  • OMG, I have goosebumps for real. The way she scales through each note is so outstanding.
  • Some songs usually give me an okay feeling, but this is one of those rare kinds that instantly wow me.
  • Basically, “Dark Cloud” is about her missing the times when she was still with her ex-boyfriend. Currently, she tries to acts as if all is well, but the time has stopped for her ever since they broke up. So all she has left is heartbreak and longing.
  • The instrumental on this track is golden.
  • Damn, her high note is majestic. I am amazed. Why have I not been listening to her music?
  • She has definitely entered my top 10 list for incredible female vocalists.
  • This is insane, how can someone voice be so good?
  • So I went ahead to check a live performance, and she sounds smooth –
  • Thank you, Younha, for this pitch-perfect gift.👏👏
  • Okay, for sure, this album is about to be exceptional.

Album Review: img_2733Here is a preview of the album –

  1. WINTER FLOWER(Feat.RM) –  This features RM from BTS. Okay, just from the first second, I already love this song. RM’s deep voice with Younha’s soft tone is giving me life. The instrumental on this is groovy. Once again, her high notes are insane. The chorus is so good. I am being blessed this evening. What did I do to deserves such an angelic presence? Yesss….RM come in with that perfectly timed rap verse. I need to check out the English translation for this song, and whoever composed this track is a genius. The way the instrumental flows as the song intensifies is astounding. Also, the mix between Younha’s vocals and the backing track is well balanced. I went ahead to check for the English translation. The song is about how everyone struggles and might feel like giving up at some point. Do not give up, hold on because there will always be someone or people who give support and love until the end. I also researched the composer, his name is Eden. He is a solo artist and producer managed by KQ Entertainment. Oh, he also helps produce ATEEZ’s song. I am about to check out their latest comeback, so if it has this same awesomeness, that will be great.
  2. Dark Cloud – Still lovely. I will enjoy it for a while before moving on to the next song.
  3. See You – This seems like a more calm track. I always enjoy a good ballad. I love the soft tambourines that come in periodically at the beginning. Younha sounds more soothing here. Oh, the second verse comes in with drums and takes the tempo up a bit. The production of all three songs so far is fantastic. I have a feeling that I will be replaying this album for a while. I love how she harmonizes with herself at the end. That spiced up the song a bit more. “See You” is the kind of track you play to help you relax or meditate. I have to listen to it again before moving on.
  4. One Day of Twenty – The instrumental on this has an odd timing, but that also makes it intriguing to hear. It still goes perfectly well with Younha’s singing pace. I love it when she sings, “ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…” A beautiful and catchy melody. This track actually has bass, and I think a xylophone is part of the instruments being played, but do not take my word for it. Younha falsetto is flawless. She has excellent control over her voice. Okay, the tempo goes up a beat during the last minute. Once again, this has been achieved with a full drum set. I genuinely love instruments, and I wish I could play at least one. Maybe during the summer, I might take a few guitar or keyboard lessons.
  5. 26 – I want to know what tempo this is going to take. Are we going to get an upbeat outro or a slow one?    Oooh… yes, it makes sense to have an upbeat song to finish things since the last two tracks were quite slow. I am here for the guitar in this song. It almost sounds like something I will hear in an anime, most notably the guitar solo sections. Okay, things got a bit more interesting after she gave out that troll-like modulation. I call it troll-like because it sounds like a modulation, but it was actually just a high note. The guitar is what made “26”.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this album. There was no letdown, every track is equally captivating. I will be getting a physical copy of this EP soon because it is too good to not have in my collection. This is my first time listening to Younha, and she truly surprised me, so I have her on my radar now.

My rating for UNSTABLE MINDSET is a solid 10/10. If you have not listened to this mini-album yet, please go check it out. You are certainly going to love two songs or more.



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