Tia Ray – More: Song Of The Week

Hello everyone, it is officially the last day of 2019 over where I live, but I am sure that most of you are already in 2020. All the same, My wish is that you all experience the very best in the new year.

So I actually want to recommend an entire album. I randomly discovered 1212 by Tia Ray about a week ago, and I been listening to it a lot. Now one of my favourite songs from the album is “More”, so I decided to choose it as my song for this week, but in all honesty, all the other five songs on this mini by Tia Ray are equally great. img_2502Tia Ray is a Chinese singer. She began her career as a background singer for other Chinese singers like Jane Zhang and Ma Tianyu. In 2013, she participated in The Voice China and officially debuted with a self-titled album after the competition. She is currently sighed to Warner Music Group. While researching her, I discovered that she sang my favourite OST – “Waiting For You” from the Chinese series Bloody Romance. I absolutely loved the opening theme of that drama, and the fact that I can now find it on Spotify is fantastic.

I love how soft and sultry she sounds in “More”. The instrumental is not too loud but very groovy, and the background vocals on this track are so beautiful. Tia Ray has a very captivating voice. Listening to her is like taking a journey into paradise. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this song as well and check out the other tracks with this playlist link 👉🏼 Tia Ray – 1212

Tia Ray has definitely caught my attention, so my radar is on and waiting for a new release. So far, she has released music videos for three songs on the 1212 album. They are as follows – “Time Wasn’t Right” – “Complicated” – “Looking Out For You”:



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