Juno Su – Fortunately, We Meet Again: Song Of The Week

Hello… hello,

I was swamped during the first week of December, and last week I had to focus on music reviews, so I could not give my regular weekly song recommendation.

I am back now, and my song for this week is “Fortunately, We Meet Again” by Juno Su. It is one of the soundtracks for the 2019 Chinese drama – Ten Years Late which stars Shawn Duo and Gülnezer Bextiyar as leads. img_2078 I tried my best to get information about this singer, but I did not find anything substantial. All I know is that her name is Su Shi Ding, and she goes by the stage name – Juno Su. She is a Chinese actress and singer.

Also, I could not find an official music video for this song. I simply added in a lyric video –

I might not know much about Juno Su, but I can confirm that she is a great singer. Her voice is powerful and soothing. I will try listening to more of her songs and hopefully get to know more about her. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed that I could not find much information. Is she a new artist?… I do not think so, though.

Anyways, while watching Ten Years Late, “Fortunately, We Meet Again” really stood out to me. I immediately searched it up and added it to my Spotify playlist. It is such a beautiful song. I was always happy when it played during the romantic and emotional scenes of the series. And ever since the beginning of this month, I have been leaving it on repeat before going to bed. It helps me relax.

“Fortunately, We Meet Again” has become my regular bedtime song, so I had to share it with you all. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this song as well.

Until my next post, take care.💕💕💕


3 thoughts on “Juno Su – Fortunately, We Meet Again: Song Of The Week

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