Sung Si-kyung, IU – First Winter: Music Review

Another winter song. Yesss to the holidays and a second yes to my birthday month. I love Christmas.

On the 9th of December, Sung Si-kyung released a new single titled “First Winter” which happens to feature IU. img_1866Sung Si-kyung is a South Korean ballad singer that officially debuted in 2001 with the album – Like the First Time. He has also hosted a good number of South Korean variety shows like 2 Days & 1 Night, Witch Hunt, etc. He is managed by Jellyfish Entertainment. Since debut, he has released seven studio albums in Korean and two studio albums in Japanese. Sung Si-kyung and IU worked together in 2010 on the song “It’s You”, so “First Winter” marks a reunion between both singers after 9 years.

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)img_1864

Reaction to Official MV for First Winter: 

  • I love a good ballad and the way this started already pleases me.
  • I would love to learn how to play the piano. It is one of the most fascinating instrumentals ever.
  • The cinematography for this music video is stunning. I have a keen interest in landscape videography and photography, so whenever I see such aesthetics, I am sold.
  • I wish this video had English subtitles, but unfortunately, it does not.
  • Sung Si-kyung sounds incredible, and IU soft voice compliments his soulful voice really well.
  • Their harmonization is so beautiful, I literally got chills from the harmonies.
  • The music video is lovely. I love the colours and how the city lights were showcased.
  • This is a simple track, but their voices together are really bringing the desired complexity needed to grab my attention.
  • The song is so short, WHY? I NEED MORE TIME.
  • Okay, so the actual song is longer, but the MV was made short. Time to head to Spotify for the full track.
  • The actual song is 4 minutes long.
  • It looks like IU’s first verse was cut out from the music video.
  • Honestly, such calm and soothing songs are perfect for winter.
  • IU’s voice is so soft and pretty. Her voice always gives off a comforting feeling.
  • Sung Si-kyung’s voice is a blessing to my ears as well.
  • This is the kind of song that I could play before going to bed. It is so peaceful.
  • This is going on my playlist right now.
  • Merry Christmas in advance to all my readers.
  • Thank you, IU and Sung Si-kyung, for collaborating again. This is such a masterpiece. I LOVE IT.
  • Time to look for a video with English subs.
  • So the song is about a couple celebrating their first winter together.
  • Okay, my rating for “First Winter” is a solid 10/10.
  • This song is definitely going to be on my Winter Playlist.

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