[STATION X] NCT U – Coming Home: Kpop Music Review

NCT U just dropped a winter track titled “Coming Home”

For this song, we have our regular vocalists from NCT U, which are – Taeil, Doyoung, and Jaehyun. The new addition to the unit is Haechan. star_5de4b9cf4385aWinter songs are my favourite, so I am excited.

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • First I have to check if this video has English subs… Okay, it does have subs.
  • Yes, to the drum starts. I have a strong feeling that is going to be good.
  • The instrumental on this is impressive.
  • Yesss Doyoung, please bless my ears. I always enjoy listening to him sing.
  • The visuals for the music video are clean and beautiful. Plus, the lighting is also really amazing.
  • Okay, Haechan come in with those soft vocal runs.
  • I love Jaehyun’s voice. His voice seems slightly deeper compared to the others, and that really adds a nice touch.
  • As expected, they all sound amazing, and Taeil is a freaking vocal powerhouse.
  • Oh, my these boys are not playing. Their voices are so beautiful.
  • This is a perfect ballad/RnB winter track, I LOVE IT.
  • Honestly, all these vocalists need to stop disrespecting me with their pitch-perfect voices.
  • I need to watch this video again. I did not pay much attention to the lyrics because I was so caught up in appreciating the vocals.
  • So this song is about coming home to someone special after being away for a long time. Basically, their time without that person was not pleasant, so they want to go back and experience the blissfulness once again.
  • Can I just mention again how perfect the drums on this track are? Also, the guitar rift section before Doyoung’s high note was excellent.
  • Jaehyun’s voice at the end of the song is too beautiful. He is an exceptional vocalist.
  • I love how soft and soothing this is. Very perfect for the season.
  • Everything was so well put together for this track. 100% from visuals, vocals to the emotions.
  • My point of climax for “Coming Home” is definitely when Doyoung hits that high note.
  • I have added this track to my personal playlist. So it is going to be on repeat for a while.
  • I really wish I could hear them perform this song live because they nailed every note.
  • I loved every moment of listening to “Coming Home” by NCT U. So I will have to agree with Haechan on the conclusion that it is a BOP.
  • My rating for this song is 10/10.

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