Paul Kim – Big Heart: Music Review

Paul Kim released a new single on the 29th of November titled “Big Heart” img_1868Kim Tae-hyeong, popularly known as Paul Kim, is a South Korean singer signed under Neuron Music. He debuted in 2014 with his first single titled “Would You Like Some Coffee?”. I got to know him through his soundtracks for South Korean dramas, and he is now on the top of my list for South Korean male soloists. The emotions his voice delivers are undeniable. I am always in my feelings whenever he releases new music. My favourite song from him so far is “Me After You”

I am not so sure, but I think this song “Big Heart” might be a tease for part 2 of his Maum album. By the way, if you have not listed to Maum Part 1, you should. All 5 songs on the mini are equally amazing.

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)img_1867

Reaction to official MV: 

  • I appreciate music videos that show an actual story, it makes the song easier to understand.
  • From what I am getting so far, the girl’s parents have divorced. Her dad has remarried and now has a new baby at home… Okay.
  • When a marriage ends in divorce, it definitely takes a toll on the children if not handled properly. In this scenario, it seems that Ga Eun is still not used to the fact that her parents are no longer together.
  • I love how the instrumental comes in. The soft piano indicates how emotional this song is about to be.
  • From the instrumental, I could tell that this would be a heartfelt song, but now actually reading the lyrics, it really hits deep. This is sad.
  • I am sure she feels like her dad no longer needs her.
  • Ga Eun dear, I think you forgot your coat on the bus.
  • I love how this music video was shot during Paul Kim’s scenes. The backgrounds were blurred out, leaving the camera to focus entirely on him.
  • Also, his image seems to be still while everything around was moving forward. That symbolizes how it is to be lonely, sad and alone. You seem stuck in the same position while everything else is evolving. So kudos to whoever directed this music video for such astounding imagery.
  • Although I am not in a similar situation as Ga Eun, the lyrics still speak to me because I know how it feels to be going through a lot and yet never have the zeal to talk to anyone about it.
  • At such points in life, being alone just seems like what gives more comfort, but I will advise that no matter what, try to talk to someone.
  • I love that her mom was there to comfort her.
  • “Big Heart” is a beautiful piece, and Paul Kim delivered the emotions and message of this song so well.
  • Awww, Paul Kim returned her coat.
  • Yess to the choir that came in at the end of the song. That just added the well needed magical touch to an already perfect piece.
  • This entire track was breathtaking. I loved every moment of it.
  • My rating is 10/10.
  • All the songs I have checked out today are beautiful.
  • I hope “Big Heart” brings comfort to those who try to hide how much they are actually hurting inside. Please talk to some and know that you are loved.
  • Here is another version of the music video for “Big Heart” –

Until my next post, take care.💕💕💕

3 thoughts on “Paul Kim – Big Heart: Music Review

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