Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 8

Watching shows can be really tiring.  They are exciting, but I get so drained from staring at my laptop for a long time. Anyways, I am determined, so here are my thoughts on episode eight of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version).

  • Zheng Kai is so extra. I live for his moments😂😂😂😂. Also, his bickering with Victoria is a nice plus for me.😂😂Screenshot (210).pngScreenshot (213).png
  • The situation-ship between Yi Chen, Zhang Tian and Zhengru brings so many emotions for me. Sometimes, it annoys me. Other times, it frustrates me, but in this episode, it amuses me. I am honestly over all of them at this point.
  • So I noticed that they refer to Zhengru as Pearl a lot in the show, so I might just start calling her Pearl.
  • I love Pearl’s coat.I admire Pearl’s boldness.
  • As for Chen Yi Chen, I understand his personality, but I am going to need him to start setting up some boundaries to prevent misunderstandings.
  • AWWW, that is so nice of Zheng Xuan. He is actually baking a cake for Pearl’s birthday. So sweet.
  • Lol Zheng Xuan and his sister are so cute. Classic sibling relationship.
  • The cheesy lines in this show are just something else. I get chills.
  • The edits for Heart Signal 2 are exciting and fun.
  • So this episode shows more moments between Yi Chen and Zhang Tian.
  • Okay, I am still not used to calling her Pearl, so I’ll just switch back to Zhengru and be consistent with it. I love that all the housemates came together to celebrate her birthday. Almost everyone in the house brought their own little contribution and gift. Nice.
  • Zheng Xuan is so thoughtful.
  • LOL, even the panel cannot deal with how cheesy the housemates are –Screenshot (205)Screenshot (217)
  • Can someone give me a music box as a present also? I suddenly want one
  • Finally, Yi Chen admits that he is not good at saying no. I understand the struggle of wanting to please everyone. But dear, what do you want? Yi Chen has to pick one or pick none. That is the only way to have his peace of mind. Qi Jun gave him the best advice.
  • I love how the panel touched on what might have caused Yi Chen to develop the habit of trying to please everyone. Personally, I feel with age and experience, such a trait can be outgrown. Life will make him understand that he can never please everyone, no matter how hard he tries.
  • I have a perfect slang for Yi Chen. It is 👉🏼 “I cannot come and kill myself,” meaning I do as I can, and I will always do what gives me peace of mind. I live and embrace this slang daily.
  • Yesss, Zhengru is finally paying attention to Zheng Xuan. I love how open and straightforward they were during the date. They could also be a solid pairing, but who knows?Screenshot (219).png
  •  I love the panel’s discussion about ageing. The different viewpoints are quite impressive to hear.
  • Oh nice, the housemates will be going on a travel date.
  • The ladies get to pick a first and second choice for who they would like to go on a date with and the panel has to guess it.
  • Here are the panel’s predictions:Screenshot (221).pngScreenshot (220).pngScreenshot (222).png
  • Final result – Screenshot (223).png
  • Zhang Tian’s second choice was quite shocking, but I think she chose Qi Jun to avoid any kind of conflict or jealousy from Yi Chen.
  • Lmao, I was just as shocked as the panel members when Wu Pei’s second choice was revealed. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? 😲😲 I assumed her second choice would be William.
  • The ads are so random and out of place. I feel they could have left all the advertising for the hosts and just let the segment in the Signal House flow naturally.
  • WOW, this is actually the last date. I really want to see how it goes.
  • The location for Wu Pei and Zheng Xuan’s date is quite stunning. I would love to try that shouting fountain. Sign me up.

I love the deep conversation that went down in this episode. It was very insightful, I truly enjoyed watching. Now I am excited to see how the other dates turn out. See you all tomorrow with the remaining episodes.Screenshot (224).png


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