IU – LOVE POEM: Album Review

This is the comeback that I have been eagerly waiting for. IU is back with her ninth EP titled Love poemimg_1304Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress. She is managed by Kakao M. IU began her career at the age of 15 with her album – Lost and Found. She achieved significant success with her song “Good Day”. Ever since then, IU has established herself as a music chart queen. Her latest release is already Top 10 on the realtime charts of major music sites in South Korea.

This new extended play features six songs with “Blueming” as the title track. For this comeback, IU released two MVs, one for the title track and another for the B-side track “above the time”. According to IU, the theme for this EP is love. It could be love for a lover, love for humanity, love for yourself or even love for old times.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Official MV for Blueming: 

  • Already from the thumbnail, I know this is going to be very colourful.
  • Yes…you can never go wrong with a guitar start for a song.
  • IU sounds beautiful, as always.
  • I love the rhythm of this song.
  • The bass on this quite heavy. I was not expecting that since it is a bubbly song.
  • I made the right decision by listening to this song with headphones. I can feel the intensity of the instrumental during the chorus section.
  • The drums and guitar on this track are incredible.
  • IU is so cute and playful. I enjoy watching her dance.
  • There is a particular guitar note that stays constant throughout the entire song. It adds a nice touch.
  • Her high notes and vocal runs sound really good as expected.
  • I wonder what the blue flowers represent. I hardly know anything about the interpretation of flowers, so pardon me. Also, the music video does not have English subtitles, so I do not understand what she is singing about.
  • So far, the only thing I know is that blueming kind of means bloom. She also sings, “I feel blue,” but in a happy tone, so… I will check for the English translations later.
  • The bridge section towards the end is perfect. The way she talk-sings during that section makes the song more interesting.
  • Also, IU looks really good. I love this blue hair on her.
  • I honestly was not expecting this song to sound this way. When I first watched the teaser, I was expecting something similar to “BBIBBI”, but “Blueming” is more of a rock-influenced bubbly track.
  • It reminds me of “Jam Jam” from her Palette album. Just that “Jam Jam” is jazz-influenced.
  • All the same, “Blueming” is a groove. A perfect soft dance track.
  • I really enjoyed listening to this song, and the music video was also interesting to watch.
  • But it might be low on my list after I listen to the entire album because I have a feeling the other songs are going to be really good.

Reaction to Official MV for above the time: 

  • I have been anticipating this track and the music video ever since the teaser was dropped. It is a continuation of her previous song “YOU&I”. If you have not seen the music video for that song, no worries. I got you – 
  • Okay let us get started, I am so excited.
  • I am getting strong nostalgic feels right from the first second.
  • Lee Hyun Woo… good to see you back. I hope to get a new drama from him soon.
  • Anyways back to the song… IU has purple hair in this. I love how fluffy her hair colours have been looking for this comeback. It kind of reminds me of cotton candy.
  • Already from the first note she utters, I know this is about to be a beautiful piece.
  • The same kind of time travel theme. Okay
  • She sounds so cute and divine. Like a little angel.
  • I love that – “umm, umm, umm…” So sweet.
  • This video is so beautiful.
  • For real, she sounds like an angel, and the classical instruments are adding to that lovely atmosphere.
  • So does she finally get to meet the boy in this video?
  • I love how bouncy her singing sounds in this song. Even some sections of the instrumental are very bouncy.
  • Oooo, I was not expecting that switch up during the dance scene, but both IU and Lee Hyun Woo look amazing.
  • The colours and lighting for this music video are so cinematic. I could watch this a lot and never get tired of appreciating the aesthetic of the MV.
  • So the sped up of version of the instrumental just continues… Okay
  • IU’s voice is so good, and her high notes are really impressive.
  • Alright, things slow downed a bit towards the end.  I appreciate how the song ended.
  • “above the time” gave me musical feels. Most especially towards the end.
  • There are no English subtitles, so I cannot understand much of what she is saying, but I really love it when she sings – “I will call your name, wait.”
  • From the video, I feel that Lee Hyun Woo is now awake and well, but IU is stuck in a different world. Kind of. So even though she managed to save him, they still cannot be together. I might be wrong, but when I read the translation, I will get a gist of what is happening.
  • I need to listen to this song again. A lot was going on, and I failed to catch it all.
  • I am always here for a good piano piece, so I love how the song starts.
  • The little humming she does is so cute.
  • That soft jingle like sound during the first minute of the song is intriguing, but I could not pick out what instrument they used to create such a unique sound.
  • Also, the background vocals on this song are trancelike.
  • Yesss… to the classical inclusion and IU’s high notes. Such a perfect combination to give me chills.
  • Okay, at this point, I just have to praise the composition because the complexity of the instrumental is mind-blowing. Amazing production.
  • I really…. truly love “above the time”. It is definitely one of my favourites. I feel this could have been a perfect title track, but I guess IU wanted to go with something more bubbly.

Album Review: img_1305Alright, so far, I have listened to three songs on this EP – “Blueming” – “above the time” and “Love poem”, which was the pre-release single. Now it is time to hear what the remaining three have to offer.

  1. unlucky – Love the keyboard start. I live for how IU’s voice can be so soft but yet very powerful. I love the melody of this song, and her little humming always gets me. When you are so good that you begin to harmonize with your background vocals, LOL. What is that sound that she makes after the first verse? Hahahaha, so cute. The note on the piano stays constant, and her voice keeps getting higher, then they start adding new elements into the instrumental. I love this song. IU’s vocal runs are too good. I am already dancing to this💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. A perfect way to start the album. “unlucky” is so groovy. Her voice is smooth. In the last few seconds, the way the instrumental drops out of the mix for a while, leaving the focus on just her voice gave me chills. IU is a great vocalist.
  2. The visitor – Another song I was really looking forward to on this album. Yesss…once again, a guitar start never fails. WAIT??? what is making that groovy rhythm. No..no, I have to restart this song. I need to figure something out. At first, it sounds like it is coming from the guitar, but later on, it seems to be drums. I am confused, but whatever is going on is very pleasant to my ears. Apparently, this song was composed by IU. Her voice on this is to die for. I LOVE THIS SONG. Whoever is playing the guitar on this track is so talented. The roughness of the guitar took me on a ride, so many twists and turns. SO BEAUTIFUL. “The visitor” is another favourite for me. The entire time listening to this track, I was in awe. Like wow, wow.
  3. Blueming – I genuinely enjoy this song. The intensity of the guitar and her vocal runs are beautiful. But remember, I said it might be low on my list. I knew it. The other songs are just insanely good. I cannot decide, so I am just going to dance to it and not worry about ranking the songs. IU blessed me with a beautiful album, so I might as well enjoy it fully💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. Once again, the drums on this song are amazing.
  4. above the time – This is a masterpiece. No one can change my mind. I have already said a lot about it, so let me enjoy the moment.
  5. Lullaby – A soft track. I always enjoy a good ballad. This is very calming. I wish I could see IU perform live. Oh my, her voice is just out of this world. I love how raw this track sounds, I can hear her breathing. I like it when ballad songs are not too overly processed. The instrumental on this is quite simple, so her voice is what really carries the song. It is official people. I love every single song on the album. Thank you IU, this will sustain me till next year. SO CALMING.
  6. Love poem – This is a heartfelt song. I have listened to it so many times ever since it was released, and I even shared it on the Facebook page for this blog. The lyrics are so comforting, and the melody is beautiful. I sometimes play it at night and just fall asleep. That is how soothing this track is for me. IU nailed every single note of “Love poem”. I just hope that as she provides comfort for others, she will be comforted.

Now it is time to listen to each song again. While I do that, here is a preview of the EP –

Final Thoughts: 

The entire EP lasted for 25 minutes, and I truly enjoyed every second. This album is a masterpiece. Once again, IU outdid herself. She never disappoints.  My rating for the EP – Love poem is a solid 10/10. I am not even going to bother with ranking the songs because each one was equally beautiful. I still have my favourites, but I will be listening to the entire album for a long, long time.

If you have not listened to IU’s new album already, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go check it out, you are bound to love a few songs or even all.

This is all I have you guys today. Until my next post, take care.💕💕

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