Mamamoo is a South Korean girl group managed by RBW(Rainbow Bridge World). The group consists of four members – Solar, Hwasa, Wheein and Moonbyul. They officially debuted in 2014 with the digital single “Mr. Ambigious.” So far, including their latest release, the group has three studio albums, nine EPs and eighteen singles. They have also been featured by other artists and have a good number of soundtracks for Korean dramas. I absolutely adore this group. I fell in love with their jazz concepts, and I have been following their activities ever since they debuted. img_1503Mamamoo just released their third studio album titled reality in BLACK. It has eleven songs and “HIP” is the title track.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the songs.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • Okay, time to do this.
  • The beat is groovy right from the start.
  • Ahhh, Hwasa is really a big girl crush.
  • They all look gorgeous, and I would not mind rocking most of the outfits that each member had on.
  • As always, the queens are serving vocals.
  • I was not too sure about this concept, but so far, it is working.
  • Yesss… Moonbyul’s deep voice always gets me.
  • This song has a retro kind of feel, and I am here for it.
  • The choreography is impressive.
  • When I first saw the teaser for this song, my thought was that I might not enjoy it, but boy was I wrong.
  • Mamamoo nailed this concept.
  • The instrumental is what made this track for me. It is bouncy and really catchy.
  • I admire them for giving some attention to our dying planet. Global warming and climate change are real. SAVE OUR PLANET.
  • Also, Hwasa addressed all the airport fashion critics.
  • Apparently, the music video shows what the members of Mamamoo would have been if they were not the Mamamoo we all know today. Sort of like a different dimension.
  • I am going to listen to this a few more times before giving my final thoughts.
  • “HIP” is definitely not their usual vocal power song. I enjoyed listening to it. It is catchy, but not top on my list from Mamamoo.
  • This concept is very different from all their previous releases. I think they rocked it. I love that Mamamoo is always willing to try something different.
  • Here is a live session video I found –
  • Time to check out the other ten songs.

Album Review: img_1414Before I get started, here is a sample of the album for anyone who has not listened to it yet.

  1. Destiny – The beginning sounds like an intro for an Old West film. I love the mysterious feel that their voices are giving off. I was not expecting the fast beat to come in. Yesss… this is the vocal touch that I was missing on “HIP.” And although the song style switches up a lot, I still enjoyed it. “Destiny” is the perfect opening song for this album because if the first song is this good, then imagine how the rest are going to sound. I have to listen to this track again. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. The guitar on this is impressive. Okay, so apparently this was their final stage single for the show Queendom. I have not seen Queendom, but with all the awesome songs coming from this show, I might as well check it out.
  2. Universe – I always enjoy songs that have good drums. Mamamoo’s vocals💕💕… no words to explain. “Universe” is an upbeat RnB track. I say this because the singing parts have the typical RnB touch, but the beat sounds like something I could hear on a rap song. This is another excellent song on the album. Yes, to the background notes, so good.
  3. Ten Nights – Okay, this sounds like a ballad. I got chills from the calm way the song started, and their voices sound so soft. The high notes, Damn. Mamamoo is such a vocal powerhouse. They never fail to impress me every single time. Their harmonization just took me by surprise. I love this song. OMG WHAT????… the high notes will be the death of me. This is a perfect ballad. Although I wonder why it was placed at this point in the album. Because everything so far has been a bit upbeat but then “Ten Nights” comes in as if things are about to slow down for a while, but “HIP” is definitely not a slowdown. Maybe when I read the English translations for each song, I might understand why. OMG, so Moonbyul also sings on this and hits some notes. This group is super talented.
  4. HIP – I still love it. A perfect dance song.
  5. 4x4ever – This is one energetic track. The instrumental in this is epic, it makes me want to march into a battlefield. “4x4ever” is a BOP, and it could also be a title track. This song is powerful. I love how the instrumental switched up for Moonbyul’s rap section, and she killed it. They all sound great on this, as always. I am not even going to talk about their high notes any longer because I have been blown away into another universe. I am really enjoying this album, but this song, along with “Destiny,” are my favourites so far.
  6. Better – This is more chill compared to the last two tracks. The melody for “Better” is very catchy. Wheein is blessed with the voice. Oooh, the modulation on this is perfect. I really enjoyed listening to this song. Another favourite. It is chill and groovy. I need to hear it again.
  7. Hello Mama – There are some songs that just automatically give me winter feels, and this is one of such. The very calm and emotional vibe is perfect for this season. I love the falsetto singing on this. Also, the instrumental is beautiful. Anything classical influenced always touches me. Yesss, to harmonization done perfectly well. I need to read the English translation for this song. “Hello Mama” soothes me, I LOVE.
  8. ZzZz – Okay, we are back to upbeat songs. This is another bouncy track. The falsettos are so good. This is such a cute and feel-good song, very playful. I am already dancing to this 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. “shimmy shimmy shimmy… “, I absolutely love this song.
  9. rEALITY – This is also another good song on the album, but it took me about a minute to really get into the groove. They also sound good on this, so there is no point in even discussing that. I really love Hwasa’s part –“I’m fine, it hurts.” Unfortunately, this might be really low on my list if I were to rank this album. It is a great track, but not one that I might listen to a lot.
  10. High Tension – I love the chorus, the vocal runs during that section are impressive. Also, Moonbyul’s rap is incredible. The way she always manages to perfectly blend a rap section into very different songs is quite remarkable. It took me a few seconds to get into the groove of this track, but I am actually enjoying it. This is another groovy BOP.
  11. I’m Your Fan – And the last song almost sounds like a cartoon opening in the beginning, Lol. The switch up that happened at 0.47 seconds into the song kind of took me off guard. The chorus really sounds like something I will hear on a kid’s show, which is not bad becuse I do enjoy watching cartoons. Hmmm, I honestly do not know how to feel about this song. I mean, it is cute but not something that I see myself listening to.

Final Thoughts: 

As I mentioned earlier, when I first saw the teaser images/videos for this comeback, I was not too sure about what to expect (I will insert the teaser images at the end of this post for anyone interested). But overall, I really enjoyed listening to reality in BLACK. It is a great album, the girls sounded amazing in each song. The only song that is a no for me is “I’m Your Fan.” There was just something off about the song to me. I feel they could have used another song to end this album. Maybe “rEALITY” could have been the closing track because although I did not enjoy it as much as the other songs, it still has good stand out points.

Anyways I really love this new album from Mamamoo, so my rating for reality in BLACK is 9/10. I will be adding all the songs except “I’m Your Fan” to my personal playlist.

Here are the teaser images –

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