HyunA – FLOWER SHOWER: Kpop Music Review

HyunA released a new single on the 5th of November, and I finally have time to check it out. img_1422Kim Hyun-ah, popularly known as HyunA, is a South Korean singer, rapper and model. She debuted in 2009 as a member of the girl group 4Minute, which was managed by Cube Entertainment. She started her solo career in 2010 with the digital single “Change.” In 2011 she formed the duo group – Trouble Maker with Hyunseng (former member of kpop group Beast). Unfortunately, the duo did not last for long, and in 2016 4Minute disbanded. HyunA continued on with her solo activities under Cube Entertainment and later formed a trio called Triple H with Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn. In 2018 HyunA’s contract with Cube Entertainment was terminated. She is now signed to P-Nation, and the song “FLOWER SHOWER” is her first release under this new company.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the song.)

Review of “FLOWER SHOWER”:

  • Already loving the visuals for the music video.
  • Excellent and catchy intro beat.
  • The music video is really stunning.
  • I love the chorus section. The trap vibe for that section is very fitting. I might not be the biggest fan of trap music, but I am really enjoying this.
  • The drums on this song are perfect.
  • HyunA looks beautiful. Every outfit and makeup look is on point. She also sounds great.
  • I admire her for singing about creating her own path and doing what she loves to do and never giving up. She is a flower that will continue to bloom no matter what.
  • I love how she whistled before the last chorus dropped. So cute
  • She definitely showed more of her self with this release. We get to see her sweet side and not just the sexy HyunA.
  • Overall this a fun song. But I want to check out the live performance and dance practice before giving my rating.
  • Live Performance –
  • With this new single and all the videos I have been watching, I really love her personality and aura. She is so cute, very confident and easy-going. She seems genuinely happy.
  • I also watched this video –
  • Her dancers are cute. They are so silly together.
  • Okay, I can now officially say that I love the song.
  • My rating for “FLOWER SHOWER” is 10/10.

Here is the dance practice for anyone interested –


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