DAWN – MONEY: Kpop Music Review

img_1421Kim Hyo-jong now goes by the stage name DAWN, but he was formerly known as E’Dawn. He is a South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter. He debuted in 2016 as a member of the boy group PENTAGON. In 2017 he joined Hui and HyunA to form the group known as Triple H. In 2018, his contract with Cube Entertainment was terminated. He is now signed to P-Nation and made his official solo debut on the 5th of November 2019, with the single “MONEY.”

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the song.)

Review of “MONEY”:

  • Damn, he looks like he just got a good beating, LOL.
  • I already love this.
  • The lyrics are deep and relatable.
  • People say money cannot buy happiness, but almost everything in this world requires payment.
  • I also believe that money does not equal true peace or joy, but it is a necessity for survival. So the continuous struggle of how far to pursue riches is real.
  • I can see why most people said this song has a G-Dragon vibe.
  • The melody for the chorus is catchy.
  • The production of this song is impressive. The instrumental is quite shallow, so that DAWN’s voice stands out more. But it also goes up in volume during specific sections to create more emphasis and capture the listener’s attention.
  • Another song with good drums.
  • The choreography is very intriguing to watch.
  • I love the rasp in DAWN’s voice and how he talk-sings most parts of the song.
  • The visuals for the music video is excellent. Very representative of his emotions towards money.
  • The video starts out dark, but as he begins to accept that he does not need to depend entirely on money, the video gets colourful. And I guess the flowers represent spring, which means hope.
  • I absolutely love the message of this song.
  • This is my interpretation – Yes, money is needed to survive but do not let the continuous pursuit for riches eat you up. At some point, be content with what you have. Focus more on the things that genuinely bring you joy and peace of mind.
  • I like to think that joy is different from happiness.
  • You are happy when something good happens, but joy is an internal feeling of delightfulness regardless of what might be going on at the moment.
  • Time to check out the live performance and dance practice before giving my rating.
  • Live Performance –
  • He is a great dancer.
  • DAWN is a promising artist. The fact that he co-composed this song shows how much talent he possesses. I am going to keep an eye out for him because I sincerely want to see how he grows and the kind of songs he will release in the future.
  • My rating for “MONEY” is a solid 10/10. This a fantastic song and plus, it has a great message. I will be adding it to my personal playlist.

Here is the dance practice video for anyone interested –


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