Zion.T – May: Music Review

Another comeback that I was really looking forward to. img_1434Kim Hae-sol, popularly known as Zion.T, is a South Korean hip hop and RnB singer. He is currently signed under The Black Label, which is sub-label of YG Entertainment. Zion.T came into the music scene by collaborating with Korean hip hop artists like Primary, Simon D, Gray, Dok2, etc. I discovered him through his popular 2014 single “Yanghwa BRDG,” and I have been in love with his music ever since then.

For this post, I will be reviewing his latest single titled “May”.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the song.)

Review of track/MV:

  • I really love the talk-singing style going on in the beginning. Zion.T does that quite often, and I enjoy it.
  • He has a very unique sound that can easily be recognized.
  • The beginning with just the guitar already makes me want to have this song on my playlist.
  • I wish the music video had English subtitles.
  • I live for how he hums the melodies. He sounds beautiful, as always.
  • I wonder why this music video is 6 minutes and 45 seconds long. Well, I will keep watching to find out.
  • Oh, I just saw Lee Tae-sun, he was in Hotel Del Luna. I did not notice that it was him at first.
  • This is such a chill song, I love the vibe.
  • The adlibs and background vocals on this track are soft. Very pleasant to hear.
  • I admire the inclusion of classical instruments, it adds to the calming feel of this song.
  • Okay, I now see why the music video is so long. I cannot fully understand what the actors are saying. But I guess that they were talking about movies and whether to go see a film or not? I am not sure, so do not take my word for it.
  • Anyways I am going to go ahead and listen to just the track. That way, I can get a better feel of it.
  • The actual song is only 3 minutes and 16 seconds long.
  • “May” is a perfect song for this season. I can see myself listening to this while on the bus or while on a walk. It is so chill and peaceful.
  • Also, the instrumental section at the end is beautiful.
  • Okay… I have listened to this song about five times now, and it is perfect. I have already added it to my playlist.
  • Thank you, Zion.T, for blessing me with such a lovely piece.
  • The only thing I need now is a translation.
  • Anyways my rating for “May” is definitely a 10/10.

If you have never heard of Zion.T, go check him out. He is a fantastic artist and never fails to produce great songs. I will recommend you start with his latest release – “May,” then you can check out “Yanghwa BRDG” and “SNOW.” Also, listen to his 2017 album titled OO, it is my favourite from him.

That is all for this post, guys💕💕.

(Edit) – Yeah! They added English subs to the music video, and I also found a live performance video –


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