MeloMance – Festival: Music Review

I have listened to a good number of this duo’s original soundtracks for Kdramas, but I never got to check out their own songs. img_1438MeloMance is a South Korean duo that debuted on the 10th of March, 2015 with the EP – Sentimental. The group, of course, has two members – Kim Min-seok is the vocalist, and Jeong Dong-hwan is the pianist. They have graced the soundtracks of popular South Korean dramas like Mr. Sunshine, A Korean Odyssey, Because This Is My First Life, etc. They will be going on a hiatus soon due to Min-seok’s upcoming military enlistment, but a mini-album is set for release on the 25th of November.

Earlier today, they released the title track “Festival”.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the song.)

Review of Title track/MV:

  • Already the vocals and instrumental is reaching for my soul. It is beautiful.
  • They are so cute with the little dance they did at the beginning of the music video.
  • I love how it starts out slow but starts getting more upbeat.
  • Ooooh, Christmas arrived early with this one.
  •  Once again, another music video missing English Subtitles. The pain of being an international fan.
  • Yesss to the Christmas bells. I love Christmas, it is my favourite holiday and plus I am a December baby.💕💕
  • This is such a perfect feel-good song.
  • The music video is so adorable.
  • I am really enjoying this. Min-seok’s voice is lovely, and the instrumental for this is top-notch.
  • I love the little seconds towards the end when the instrumental stops, allowing Min-seok’s voice to stand alone for a while.
  • I did not forget Dong-hwan. I can hear him on the keyboard, and I love how he ended the song.
  • Apparently, the video makes reference to their previous releases, but because I have not listened to any of their songs before, I cannot understand any of it.
  • I have just one word for this song – JOYFUL. I mean, who could hate this.
  • Time to watch the music video again.
  • I still love it after my fourth listen.
  • I am kind of sad that now that I finally decided to check them out, I will not be getting any new song for two years.😢😢
  • Anyways my rating for this is 10/10. “Festival” lightens up my mood, it makes me happy.

I hope Min-seok stays safe though out his enlistment, and I hope to hear more great songs from MeloMance soon. I will be on a lookout for the full album.

Now it is time to check out their discography. I am starting with the song “Gift”.



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