WayV – TAKE OVER THE MOON: Album Review

One of my favourite pop groups ever just released a new album, and I am so excited to check it out. On the 29th of October, which was yesterday, WayV came back with their second mini-album titled Take Over The Moon.

Since I already have a showcase for WayV on my blog, there is no need to spend time discussing who they are on this post. To know more about this group, click on this link – WayV: Star Showcase

“Moonwalk” is the title track for Take Over The Moon.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the songs.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • I am so excited, I hope this is good because my expectation is off the roof right now.
  • The music video seems to be themed around space and landing on a new planet or something like that. That is what I am getting so far. Are WayV members aliens?🤯🤯🤯🤯, OMG, we will never know.😂😂😂
  • I love the way the song starts. The piano, vocals and heavy beat is a perfect way to create an epic and entrancing intro.
  • Kun sounds good.
  • The style for this song is giving me old-school Kpop vibes.
  • Xiaojun looks good, and that nose ring, though.💕
  • So far, I like that all members are getting an equal amount of screen time, and the line distribution is perfect.
  • Yesss, Ten. He looks so good, I love the blue contacts he has on.
  • The chorus is definitely giving me DBSK vibes, I love the way they sound in that section.
  • And I did not expect them to actually moonwalk.
  • Every member’s look is on point for this comeback.
  • Yes, to Winwin getting more lines. Show them what you are made of.
  • I am living for the groovy drum beat that comes in whenever Yangyang starts the rap section.
  • I always enjoy dance breaks, and WayV clearly kills it in the dancing department. Love the rock elements used during the dance break. Nice production.
  • Yesss, come through Xiaojun with that high note.
  • Perfect harmonization at the end.
  • I have to listen to the song again, just to focus more on the song itself and not the music video.
  • After checking out the English Translation, “Moonwalk” is encouraging people to face their problems head-on and never give up on their dreams.
  • This song does not go as hard as their previous title track “Take Off,” but it is still upbeat. Most of the vocal parts sound like they are about to break into a power-ballad. So I actually enjoyed listening to it.
  • Do I like this more than “Take Off”?… Hmmm, I like both equally, but I appreciate this song more because it allowed every member to shine. I can always listen to both songs on repeat, so why choose.😊😊
  • I just found out that they performed this on Show Champion. I am actually surprised that they went live on a Korean stage, but oh well. I am here for the extra content.

Album Review:img_1300(My opinion of each song is solely based on how I feel about the music. I have not checked out the English Translations yet.)

  1. Moonwalk – Okay, I noticed something new while listening to just the song. There is a specific beat that stays constant throughout the entire track. I am not a music expert, so I do not know the right word to use, but that stood out to me. I really like that beat. Also, the background vocals are excellent on this.
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah – Interesting start, I definitely was not expecting it. This is more upbeat, and it also seems more like a rap track. The chorus is so good. I think I might actually like this more than “Moonwalk.” Am I weird? I feel “Yeah Yeah Yeah” could also pass at being a title track. It is a solid BOP, and I might listen to this more often.
  3. Love Talk – Is Ten starting this song? He got me with those sexy vocals. And then Luca came with his deep voice and killed his rap part. Another BOP. Yesss, a body roll beat. Ooooh, the vocal parts on this are too good. Wait a minute, then I actually like these songs better than the title track. What is going on here? I am already grooving to this💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼… “touch me, tease me, feel me up.” WayV’s rappers are talented. They always snap on the raps.
  4. King of Hearts – Okay, this starts off a bit softer than the previous two songs. Who is singing that “oh yeah yeah yeah.” They are slowly killing me with all these sexy vocals. What’s up, WayV? Anyways Lucas did not come to play with anyone on this comeback. His voice is distinct, so he stands out more, and he has been slaying his parts. At this point, all the vocalists are clearly disrespecting me with their voices; I am out😸😸😸. I think they could have done better with the chorus, but the song is still good. Background vocals, OMG…
  5. Face to Face – Is this going to be a full ballad. Such soft songs always hit my soul. The harmonization during the chorus is beautiful and the piano. They always get me with the keyboard. I might go learn how to play the instrument myself. So this song has only Ten, Xiaojun and Kun on it. The vocal range is so good that it almost seems like all members are singing. They sound like angels.
  6. We go nanana – Okay, we are going to end things on something upbeat. This is like a casual road trip song, and I love the pop vibe. Actually, this also has a Christmas feel to it. It is a cute song to end the album. I am just here dancing. There is nothing much to be said for “We go nanana,” I am totally enjoying it. Actually, pardon me, I now have something to say… Xiaojun needs to stop disrespecting me with his high notes. Like what?💕💕

Here a preview of the album for you all to have an idea of what the songs sound like –

Final Thoughts: 

Overall this is a solid comeback. WayV did a great job with this album and the fact that the members wrote these songs is even more amazing. They at a good start, so I hope they continue to grow as artists.

I enjoyed listening to every song on Take Over The Moon. I thought the title track was going to be my favourite, but “Love Talk” definitely stole my heart. I also feel that this album beats their first mini – Take Off.

My rating for this album is 10/10.

So from the very first teaser image WayV released, it seems they still have a few surprises for us. I wonder what it is going to be.