A-Lin – BEST ACTOR: Song Of The Week

The chosen song for this week is Best Actor by A-Lin.img_0735

Huang Li-ling or Lisang Pacidal Koyouan is popularly known by the stage name A-Lin. She is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter managed under Sony Music Taiwan.

A-Lin is the first artist I ever wrote about on this blog. I wrote a review for her soundtrack to the famous Taiwanese series – Memory Love. I remember being so nervous about that post because I was uncertain of how to express myself adequately. And honestly, it is not the best review I have written, but it was a good starting point. To check out that post, use this link: A-Lin Ft. J.Sheon – THE SONG YOU PICKED SAVES ME: Music Review

Ever since discovering A-Lin, I have come to really enjoy her music and her soulful voice. This week’s song is one of my favourites from her discography. It was released in 2017 as part of her self titled album A-LIN.

“Best Actor” is a very emotional song about the pain of being in a relationship with an unfaithful partner. It really hurts to discover that the one person you trusted with all your heart has just been putting up an act and not really giving their all to you. I could feel the pain and power in A-Lin’s voice. My favourite part of this song is the entire song 😂😂😂.

This is a beautiful and well-delivered song from A-Lin, Kudos to her. If you read my previous post before this, then you know that sad songs tend to help me relax. I listen to such songs when I want to be in my head a little or right before bed. Even though you might not be weird like me, you could still come to love this song because of A-Lin’s voice.

This is what I have for you all today. Feel free to check out more songs from A-Lin.


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