Yoga Lin & Yisa Yu – 追尋年少的光: Song Of The Week

Hey Guys,

I know I skipped last week, sorry about that. I just had to focus on school projects for a while.

The chosen song for this week is 追尋年少的光 by Yoga Lin and Yisa Yu. I believe the title of the song translates to “Chasing Youth”, but I am not 100% sure. I just know that if you type in Chasing Youth by Yoga Lin & Yisa Yu on YouTube, the music video will pop up. This song is an original soundtrack for the 2019 Chinese drama River Flows To You, which stars Ma Tian Yu and Zheng Shuang.

It was a random recommendation on YouTube, and I was captured from the first listen. To me, this song has a trance-like feel because, by each minute, it gets more enticing to listen to. I believe that the instrumentals play a massive role in that aspect. Another great thing about this song is Yoga Lin and Yisa Yu. They are both remarkable vocalists. I know that I always praise the singers for my featured songs, but this is different. I am even uncertain about the right word to use in describing how they sound, so all I can say is that their voices literally melt into each other.

My favourite section of the song is the short harmonization they do at the 1:47-minute mark of the video inserted in this post, right before Yisa starts her verse.

I could not resist the temptation to share such a beautiful piece with you all. So I sincerely hope that “追尋年少的光(Chasing Youth)” by Yoga Lin and Yisa Yu will meet the taste of many readers. Also, feel free to let me know if you enjoyed listening to it, and even if you did not, that is fine. Just leave your thoughts. 💕💕💕




One thought on “Yoga Lin & Yisa Yu – 追尋年少的光: Song Of The Week

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