Manga Rock Shut Down

Hello everyone,

From the title, you can already tell what this post is about.

Now, Why Do I Care?

Well, because they were my number one go-to site. I also use Tappytoon and WEBTOON, but Manga Rock was a staple site for me. I also have a few webtoon reviews that I am currently working on, and I planned to use links from Manga Rock. Lastly, I recently used a link from their website on my blog, so I feel the need to inform my readers about the shutdown. To know why they are shutting down, check out this link – Reasons for Manga Rock’s Shut Down

To support their redemption plan, I will no longer link illegal manga pirating sites on my blog.  I understand that the original writers put a lot of time, dedication and passion into their work, and it is unfair that they are continually being ripped off. So with my little platform, I am trying to support their hard work. Honestly, as a reader, it is somewhat unpleasant to pay for every single manga I read, but when I think of how much the writers are loosing due to pirating, I also feel bad. So I will not link such sites to my blog any longer. Now according to Manga Rock, their systems will still be running for a while even after the shutdown. So you can still finish anything you are reading before it all disappears.Screenshot (52)Screenshot (53)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to my readers, but once they get back with their new site, which will be known as MR Comics, I will be back to adding the available links that I can find. For now, I plan to find other legal manga sites that will not cost me much because I am sure that most of them will require payment.

So that is guys, just some little update.



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